Thursday, December 17, 2009


DD2 didn't walk until she was almost two years old. She has had gross motor delays her whole life, which are complicated by some sensory issues. It's been tough as a mom to watch her struggle, watch her be scared to walk down steps, watch her question her abilities, and to watch her fall, and fall, and fall... breaking her arm, visiting the ER for scary head crashes, having my heart skip a beat every time she trips hoping she won't get hurt again.

Yesterday at after school pick up she yelled over to me, "Mom, wanna see how fast I can run?"

And right then my daughter took off and ran down a hill. Not a gently sloping hill, a hill that would make a pretty good sledding hill. She pounded down that hill with confidence, long strides, and good speed.

She didn't hesitate.
She didn't stop to think about it.
She just ran. Like it had never been a problem.

And when she turned around and smiled at me from the bottom of the hill my heart skipped a beat... but for an entirely different reason.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Heeerrree's JOHNNNY!

(OK, you have to be old enough to remember Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show for that to be relevent.)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Date Night

Husband has been out of town all week, so we had a Date Night last night. (Conveniently, Husband also has a ticket package for DU Hockey - so we had tickets for Saturday night's game.) I wasn't sure it was all going to work out, because our regular babysitter was booked. However, I have a friend in our neighborhood with a 15 year old daughter! She came through for us and it all worked out. Date Night was a go.

So we decide on Sushi Den. (Yum. Actually? Double Yum.) They don't take reservations for two, but we were there early enough that we had no problem getting a table. Husband even sat on the same side of the table with me, so we could people watch and whisper (that wasn't why he sat next to me, just a really good by product of the decision). Directly across from us was the poor couple we concentrated on for our people watching of the evening. They had already eaten when we saw them... I think. They were engrossed in their drinks by the time we noticed them. Husband said, "We have a first date situation right over there" and indicated the direction with his sake cup. I whip my head around to check it out, and we watch them for a few minutes. "Correction," I said, "THAT is a second or third date... might be the crucial 'wanna go back to my place' date?" He was leaning forward, asking her something and teasing her. She was leaning back, being coy and shaking her head while smiling. Husband agreed, and we noticed she was very drunk for 6:15pm. We kept an eye on things, glancing over every once in a while during our conversation and dinner to see how they were doing. "I wonder if she'll give up the goods tonight?" was my question. The laughing response was, "If she doesn't get sick first, she's looking like that might be a possibility."

Sometime in the middle of our sushi rolls, we both happened to look up at them at the same time, and he was trying to feed her some dessert while reaching for her hand. She's all demure, but smiling. Husband looked at me and said, "There it is, the full court press!" He's a guy, he knows. I laughed.

(The couple left shortly after. Sadly we'll never know how the love story panned out. As it was so early and she was already so drunk... my guess is no. Maybe another night, but not last night. They were quickly replaced at the table with two couples out for an evening without the kids. Not nearly so much fun to speculate over, as their stories were probably remarkably similar to ours.)

After dinner we saw DU play CC over at Magness. It was an awesome game, and there were fun people around us. Lots of cheering, some good "boo"ing over the officiating, great plays, even a fight at the very end. So much fun.

I forget how much fun my husband can be, how much I enjoy his company, how we make each other laugh. I forget until Date Night. Then I remember, and I smile.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

SMA Friday

Ahhh, the young SMA... le sigh.