Friday, May 29, 2009

My future exchange student

Background to today's story: Husband did an exchange program in high school and spent time learning in Costa Rica. While in Costa Rica, he got Salmonella - sickest he's ever been in his life - and doesn't want our kids to eat anything with raw eggs in it because of that fact. Well, if you mention a fun fact like that to DD1 she'll remember it forever, but in her head some of the facts have changed. Here is the transcript from our conversation this afternoon. (We stopped at DQ on the way home.)

DD1: The cookie dough in this blizzard is probably the "safe: kind.
("safe" meaning made with pasteurized eggs.)

Me: Yes, they probably couldn't serve it if it wasn't the "safe" kind.

DD1 (talking to DD2): Daddy got food poisoning from eating raw eggs and got sick.

Me: I don't know exactly what he was eating, but I'm not sure it was raw eggs.

DD1: Then it was raw meat. His mom made it.

Me: No, honey, it wasn't... and she didn't. He was in Costa Rica at the time, so he was far away from his mom.

DD1: He got sick in another country?

Me: Yes. He studied Spanish so he got to take a trip very far away. Dad and I would like you to do an exchange program in High School.

DD1: I could go to Mexico.

Me: Or maybe Spain? Then we can come visit you.

DD1: No. I'm never going there. I'll just go somewhere close to home that I haven't been before where they speak Spanish. Like South Dakota.

******************************** there you have it - my daughter's foreign exchange plan. If you know of any good Student Exchange Programs to the Spanish speaking parts of the DAKOTAS be sure to let me know. Cause apparently she's all about Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills, not so much the historic beauty of Madrid and Seville, or the Pyrenees Mountains.

South Dakota? Oh, Lord help me.


ganelle said...

That's awesome! Oh the culture shock she would have in the Dakotas!

BTW, I was an exchange student in Norway for a summer. Much less food poisioning there.

Mrs. Kravitz said...

If you're looking for something closer to home, you could just send her over here and have Mr. Kravitz speak only Spanish to her for a day or so. I'm sure it would be a similar experience to Spain. Or at least to South Dakota.

OHN said...

Hola, from the mountains....this made me bust out laughing. Don't you just love kids???!!!

Martha said...

Being familiar with the demographics of South Dakota, my guess is Norwegian would be more useful than Spanish. Gets too cold up there for those with southern ancestry.

Hey, I got sick as a dog when I was an exchange student in Finland.

Nichole M said...

That's hilarious. If she really wants to learn Spanish, she can come to Mexico del Norte... I mean California.

Dodi said...

I guess I'm happy that even though she's nine years old, she can still floor me with things she says.

Ganelle and Martha - how did I not know you two did exchange programs?

Mrs. Kravitz - you may be on to something, she couldn't get much closer to "not leaving home" that seems to be her intent in life.

OHN - Hola, pardner. I'm going to miss this when she grows up!

Nicole - She did mention going to the part of California where they only speak Spanish, and received a flat out, "Over my dead body" from mom!!

Jay said...

Who cares about Spanish? Send her to Ghana with me!

Rumour Miller said...

Love it!

Vern said...

I love how the truth comes out about the exchange student program - it's not really about enriching their education, it's about where mom and dad might like to come and visit. In which case, I'm with you. Spain over the Dakotas HANDS DOWN.

Vanessa said...

Like South Dakota? Kids are so funny!

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