Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why do I heart the internet?

Right now I'm seething after a phone call from our vet's office. We ended up getting overcharged by $116 because of an accounting error that the "gentleman" at the front desk wouldn't acknowledge upon checkout (as I'm trying to juggle a dog who is bleeding from the mouth, listen to post op instructions and medication dosages). He told me I'd have to call the next day to work it out.

Over the last two days I've had to talk to three people in their accounting department to get them to give us a credit. They never did admit a mistake, but when I told them I'd scan the bills and payment records and put them on the internet to expose their accounting practices, they said in the interest of keeping me as a customer they'd credit the money. Right now? I LOVE the internet. Because the internet is WAY more than word of mouth complaining. That kind of stuff can go viral - and trust me, I'd work my behind off to get it there. (They actually did make a mistake, why can't they admit it and just be cool?)

However, after this dental ordeal is over I think it's time to change Veterinary offices. There has to be an office that is more customer oriented, right?

And, if that credit isn't in my account by Monday? I'm posting it all right here.

UPDATE: The vets office made good on their word - a credit for $116 hit our bank today. Know what else? My car broke down (again), and the dealer fixed it for FREE because it was something they should have caught last time it was in (a month ago). All of the sudden it pays to be a consumer!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It is over.

“It is over.”

These are the words written in an email that we received this morning to let us know that a friend has passed away. Husband’s former co-worker has lost his wife, his partner, his love. I did not know her well at all, I only met her a handful of times. But Husband always informed me of how she was doing. His co-worker shared the struggle during conversations with my Husband, and I felt happiness for them when they received good news… and prayed for them when the news was not good.

“It is over.”

The note was written at 2:19am. My heart is broken for him. This was not a sudden illness; she has been fighting cancer for a very long time… since before Husband met them.

“It is over.”

It is the end of so many things. The end of her struggle and the end of her pain. The end of the small arguments or teasing that make up the conversation after you’ve been married to someone so long that the other topics have all been covered. The end of their children having their mom around to call and talk to, to hug, to be there for them even though they didn’t really need it anymore. The end of endless doctor appointments and medications. The end of not knowing ‘when?’, which is the question you never really want answered.

“It is over.”

When you get married, it is with every expectation that you will be growing old together. You are taking on a partner for the rest of your life, but at some point that ends. One of you always finishes growing old before the other one does. This is something they should tell you before you get married, just so you know. This couple really got cheated in this department, as to lose your spouse in your 50’s is unthinkable. Yet, I attended a funeral just two days ago of a woman who left behind a husband in his early 70’s. Again, I doubt that he thinks they got to grow old together – as early 70’s probably doesn’t feel all that old to him. I am no less sad for him. I don’t know how I would face it if Husband stopped growing old before me… I can’t even go there in my head. I don’t know how my dad manages, and he and my mom made it to 81 together before she passed away. I don’t think my dad thought they were done growning old together yet either.

“It is over.”

This is what my brother said to me on the phone when I called him to tell him that I was too tired to drive back to the hospital when mom was dying. He called to say, “it’s time if you want to try to come down.” It was the middle of the night, and after talking to my husband had decided I was just too tired to safely drive back to the hospital. When I called my brother back to tell him he said, “It’s OK. She’s gone. It’s over.”

I am so sad for anyone who has to hear these words and for anyone who has to say these words. It seems that we hear them all too often at our age. Friends losing parents,friends losing spouses. We are at that age. Today, for Dory… who fought so hard for so long, it is over. May she rest in greatly deserved peace, and may her family find peace with her passing. Today my prayers belong to them. I am really very touched by the fact that "it is over."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I honestly wonder...

I wonder how many times I have spoken the words, "It's not a trampoline, it's a sofa. Stop jumping on it."

I think I may have hit the million mark about 35 seconds ago.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Because THAT is what little sisters DO!

DD1 had a bad week.

DD1 has actually had a couple of bad weeks. At school. DD1 has been having a rough time remembering to get all of her school work done and turned in on time.

DD1 has had to sign her "Tally Sheet" three times in the past couple of weeks. (You have to sign your Tally Sheet when you don't turn in assignments.)

Anyway, DD2 (who is only in second grade, as opposed to DD1 being in fifth grade) has been walking around all day telling me that she hasn't ever "flipped her card" (the second grade version of a Tally Sheet) EVER in her life. Not once. And did I know that (Sister's name) had signed her Tally Sheet THREE TIMES?

She's been waiting for something like this for seven years. Seven long years of being perfection's little sister.

I? Am the youngest of six.

I? Totally get where she is coming from.

I? Am also the mom of the child who is so thrown by all of this "Tally Sheet signing" that I can see the pain on her face every time the topic comes up. So, I feel compelled to remind DD2 that, although I've never received a phone call from a teacher at school about DD1's behavior, DD2 was only in kindergarten for six days before I got my first ever teacher phone call about how a certain someone had decided she had completed enough school work and was not going to do any more. Ever.

Her reply? "Yeah, but not THREE TIMES!"

Oh, to be the little sister.
Oh wait... I am.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Christmas Card Design Idea 2010

Never too early to think about our Christmas Card design, right? I love to have a picture of the kids, or the whole family on the front - exuding happiness and holiday joy. It's the inside greeting I usually have a hard time with... I hate to get too repetitive, and I'd like it to be original each year.

So, when this showed up on Dooce's site (as pointed out by Mrs. Nielson), I knew I might have the answer to this years question, "'Season's Greetings' seems so over done. What can I say that would REALLY let people know how I really feel?"

I feel like this sentiment from artist Mike Monteiro sums it up perfectly:

Because really? I probably did. (I wonder if he does licensing agreements for short runs of greeting cards?)

(To see more of his work FOLLOW THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. And then check out the other artists in the right hand column on the site. All that amazing artwork is for sale. Awesome.)

See, now you're anxiously awaiting our holiday greeting card.

And December is a LONG way off!