Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things I thought I would never do #204

DD2 was sick yesterday. She woke up with an earache, but as long as she was on ibuprofen she was OK. Last night around dinner time - only about 3 1/2 hours in to her last dose of ibuprofen her temp started going up and her ear was aching.

Take her to the emergency room? Knowing that it was the night before a holiday I figured the emergency rooms would be packed... and we have a $75 co-pay for emergencies. It was an earache - we'd be there at the bottom of the list all night. However, the last time I ignored DD2's earache her eardrum ruptured that night and the guilt was bad. Poor child was in horrible pain leading up to the rupture. Frankly, I don't feel well enough right now to deal with being up all night with a crying child. (Yes, I am a very selfish person sometimes. God knew this when he sent these kids to us, so if he can deal with it I can too.) It was an earache. An ear infection (albeit a very bad one - as DD2 never does anything small. See previous post from earlier in the week regarding temper tantrum at soccer). I already knew that where ever I took her I was going to walk out with a script for amoxicillin and pain drops.

So... (here it comes...) I took my daughter over to Walmart.

Something you should know? I HATE Walmart. I didn't even like to buy my diapers there on sale when the kids were babies. I think Walmart is evil. However... there is a minor emergency clinic in our Walmart - called SmartCare - and if they take your insurance it's only $15 co-pay.

It was fine. Very quick. Very professional. And for a savings of $60 I walked out with exactly the same script that I would have at the emergency room. (I did have to locate a 24 hour pharmacy afterwards, since it was after 7pm which seems to be the magic hour that every single pharmacy closes in this town - and we didn't finish our appt. until 7:15.)

Would I take her to Walmart SmartCare for something important? Broken bone? Large gash? Breathing difficulty? No way. But, for the occasional weekend earache or questionable sore throat, possibly suspected pink eye? You betcha. Two thumbs up.

Add that one to the list. Maybe Walmart isn't so very evil sometimes.

P.S. An update on the soccer posting. I'm sure you all checked YouTube yesterday to see if I went bat-sh*t crazy yelling at my daughter for pulling some horrible tantrum again... but we were in the clear. She was perfectly behaved and had a great time at her game. I'll post pictures later. Is there anything in the world cuter than pre-schoolers playing soccer???

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guess who's 5 year old had a tantrum at soccer today?

Oh, and guess who's husband (who is coach of this soccer team) was out of town and letting me fill in for him?

DD2 decided on her way from the car to the practice field that she was no longer speaking to me, was not going to participate, wouldn't look at me, dropped to the ground as if all the bones in her body had melted... and once I dragged her stubborn tushy the 200 feet over to the field she silently REFUSED to join practice. I have to start practice at 4. AT 4. Not AFTER 4, AT 4.... with all the other parents now watching to see how this power struggle plays out. Now, I might not have been so very pissed off - but for the fact that she kept running to hide behind pine trees so that I could no longer see her and had 5 other small, attention challenged preschool girls to work with. These children (ONE of whom has played soccer before) have their first game on Saturday, and the bulk of this practice was spent on them lining up and kicking the ball towards the correct goal. (This? Is not as easy as it sounds. One child is still convinced she is supposed to try to score on the goal that is behind her as they line up. She get is wrong every time.) Mostly they stand there watching the action until you yell for them to chase the ball, then it's pack mentality.

Husband won't be home until Sunday afternoon, so guess who is coaching the game on Saturday? You'll know if DD2 pulls this same crap at the game. You'll know, because there will be announcements globally (and most likely YouTube videos) about the soccer mom who went bat-sh*t crazy screaming at her kid on the soccer fields in Denver, CO.

Oh, the best part? When I asked her in the car on the way home why she pulled this behavior? She said - with a smile on her face, "Because you weren't letting me walk in front of you."

Holy. Mother. Of. God. This one? Will be 15 someday... God help me.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

So frustrating...

OK, y'all know how much I love a good book. I'm also usually very interested in books that have a focus on Spirituality. That said? I CANNOT get in to Oprah's pick, "A New Earth, Awakening to your Life's Purpose." I've even downloaded the audio version, as well as two of her podcasts with the author (She is really doing this book up - which is why I thought it would be such a great read. She's got online classes, interviews, forums. She's Presenting this book!) The genius is lost on me.

Is anyone else having a hard time with this book? Should I just put it down until things calm down a little in my life? Because, seriously... when someone is this pumped about a book I feel sort of like an idiot when I just don't get it. And, it's not that I'm trying to "buy into" the feeling of the book - I don't read these books necessarily because I agree with that they are writing about. I read them because I generally find all points of view interesting - and sometimes I learn from other's opinions. Usually they at least get me thinking, either in agreement or disagreement isn't the important thing. I like that they make me think and feel and search.

Life is weird right now, maybe chick lit would be a wise detour for me. Perhaps what I need right now is a bit of warm, funny, fluffy giggles. Because I? Am all about the intellectual side of life!!!! Right?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This? Drives me nuts.

OK, I realize that I have two daughters, and I'm not karmically doing myself or them any kindness in bringing up what I am about to bring up - because being judgemental is something I should refrain from and could completely bite me on the ass someday... but I'm going to have to rant about these two people:

Do you recognize them?

The one on the left is the formerly darling Lindsay Lohan. At age 13. Now, we all know that Linds has hoed a tough road these past few years, and doesn't look like the cute little pixie pictured here anymore... but at 13 Lindsay looked the part.

The one on the right is her sister. Who isn't actually the 35 year old divorcee with 3 kids and a townhouse with outrageously expensive monthly association dues that she appears to be. Nor is she the hooker that Gov. Eliot Spitzer was caught with - even though she could pass for that.. She is a 14 year old wanna-be actress. Let me repeat that so it can sink in... SHE IS FOURTEEN YEARS OLD.

Her mother? Needs counseling. Now. Not tomorrow, not next month... now. Because when your oldest child ends up in rehab with a failing career before she turns 21 you do NOT let your younger child out of the house looking like this. If I showed up at my daughters college graduation and she looked like this I'd be all like "Hell No" and I'd march her in to the bathroom and make her wash her face. If my kids start looking like this at 14 I'm moving to farm country and making them do chores like milking the cows and shoveling manure at 5am. I kid you not. (Can't you hear the conversation now? "Honey? I think we need to move. To the middle of nowhere. Because our daughter is a harlot and we need her to get some dirt under her fingernails. She needs to look ugly, and she needs to smell bad.")

Oh, and? The icing on the cake for me? This "child" is slated to be in High School Musical 3.

Which my daughters will BEG me to see.

Thank you, Disney, for yet another STELLAR casting decision. I owe you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Date Night

Husband and I had a date last night. We were originally supposed to go to a birthday party (which had a "theme", and I? Don't like "themes".) Short story long... he's got a cold and I'm feeling kind of blue lately - so we just did dinner and a movie. Besides, the girls had been begging for one of their favorite baby sitters to come over. They needed a break from us, too. (She is an AWESOME baby sitter, if you're looking...)

the movie we saw was "Jumper". Having not read the books (I'm sure I'll hit a sci-fi period in my personal reading life someday but it just hasn't happened yet), I was a little lost... and I HATE Hayden Christiansen (reminds me of those spoiled awful boys who went to my high school, with Keira Knightly being the girl version. He ruined the new star wars movies for me)... surprisingly I actually liked the movie. A lot. The only problem is that now, if I read the books, his annoying, falsely entitled face will be stuck in my memory as the main character. Maybe I'll start with the Griffin book - since that character was mysterious and I kept wondering where he came from.

Who are we kidding? I'll be sticking with chick lit and Oprah's pics this year I'm fairly sure.

Anyway. I liked the movie, and would even watch it again if it was on cable.

Also? I saw "The Nanny Diaries" on pay-per-view last week. (Jen, sorry! I should have told you so you could watch also!) It was VASTLY different than the book, with just enough similarities to make it recognizable. I liked the movie WAY more than the book - and that almost never happens.

You know what also almost never happens? Four movies in a month that I haven't seen before. (Which include "Harry Potter / Order of the Phoenix" and "Juno" that I watched on my Nano.) Hey Mrs. Nielson? Are you still up for the Boleyn's? I could possibly set a personal best since having children were I to make it FIVE!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Crap, I missed Wordless Wednesday again....

Update on Sister and Brother-in-Law

They are doing great! My sister is going home tomorrow, and Brother in Law will most likely be home by next Wed or Thurs. He's in a regular room, and the kidney is working great.

My sister said she feels just great, as long as they aren't late getting her pain meds to her! (We? Are not a stoic bunch as far as pain goes. I wanted my epidural about the 7th month of pregnancy.)

Vanessa is right, it is an amazing thing that one person can do for another. After seeing how horrible dialysis was on him, it is such a relief that this is looking like a good outcome is in the future.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh... and this is funny....

One of the guys Husband was golfing with last week was this guy:

Jim Bray. Star of Roller Boogie (1979) with Linda Blair. (According to Husband, he looks nothing like this now.)
Husband said that one of the nights they were all at the hotel someone popped Roller Boogie in to the DVD - and that? Is some good shame right there!

March 5, 2008

My oldest sister is giving her husband one of her kidneys (the left one, yes - I asked) on March 5th. The surgery is pretty intense, and then he will be on some pretty strong rejection drugs. She will probably be able to go home on Friday or Saturday, but he will most likely be in the hospital in ICU for at least a week, with a possible 3 week total stay. (He is like a brother to me, they got married when I was seven, and I don't ever remember him not being around.)

Please keep them and their family in your prayers. They are grandparents to two darling little ones who need their Nana and Peepaw to make it through OK.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The newest itard on the block

For my birthday husband got me this:
...which I think is the cutest thing ever! So, now I'm a complete itard with my nano! Last night I watched a movie on it, and it wasn't too bad. (When Husband is out of town girls have sleepovers in mom's bed. They watched Peter Pan on the DVD while settling down to sleep, I watched Juno on my ipod. Fair enough, right?) I'm addicted! I think tonight I'm going to watch Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix. The possibilities are endless - I could even watch movies in a warm bubble bath. They make a waterproof skin? Must investigate!

Now, if we could figure out a way to do photoshop on my nano I'd be the happiest woman on the planet!