Saturday, February 28, 2009

Parent / Teacher conference

Wanna hear the cutest thing ever?

I'm at DD2's Kindergarten Parent Teacher conference and Mrs. S pulled out her latest writing sample. (4 times during the year the kids are given a topic and they have to create their story, write about it and illustrate it all on their own to see where they are with things. It's hilarious to see how they put sentences together.) Mrs. S started getting tears in her eyes when she read me the story. Their assignment was "Write about what Super Power you would like to have, and what you would do with it."

This was her story (and, remember, she's in Kindergarten... so a story is like three sentences tops.) I have corrected the spelling so you can read it:

"I want Heart Power. The world will all love."
The picture with it was of a little girl standing in front of trees with her arms stretched out sending little hearts radiating out from herself.

I also got a little teary. See, DD1 has always had a big heart. She's the caretaker of the two... DD2 isn't quite as heartfelt in her actions. That this came from the daughter who is by far the more ornery of the two was crazy for me. I'm not saying that she isn't a nice little girl, she is... but that she thought this up floored me.

I think the one of the most incredible things about being a mom is when your kids melt your heart unexpectedly. They never fail to surprise me, my girls!

* Cynic that I am, I asked Mrs. S is she had prompted them on which Super Powers they could choose from, and she said when they discussed it they had talked about flying, climbing up walls, being invisible... but nothing like DD2's idea came up, and nobody else wrote about it, so she hadn't copied. (This is my child who would definitely look across and take an idea if she had thought of it! Just like her mama!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who's on twitter?

Share your tweet address with me so I can follow you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thoughts on Oscar

OK, so you had to know this was coming, right? I mean, it's me.

Hugh was fabulous. Orange, but fabulous. Yes, I spent 10 minutes trying to adjust the color on my tv - SURE that he wouldn't have done a spray tan for this monumental occasion. After all, he IS the SMA. No tanning necessary. However, the evils of Hollywood befell him, and we can only hope that it wasn't the Olly Girls that got to see our SMA sans clothing for the tanning session. What? You missed seeing him in all his pigmented glory? Check it out

Rarely do you see this shade of apricot on a man, and still have it be so beautiful.

Hugh was a very fun host. There were songs, dances, jokes, but somehow this hussy managed to climb on stage and drape herself over our man:

You can see that he's trying to make her feel not-so-foolish by including her in the dance number, although I'm sure his first reaction was to yell for security and run off stage. I certainly hope she was arrested, as she is clearly an interloper. Please unglue yourself from the SMA!

There were some nice surprises this year. I loved how the groupings of former winners were there to announce the acting awards! Anne Hathaway and Sean Penn got by far the greatest introductions. Shirley McClaine introduced Anne, and Robert De Niro introduced Sean. I tried to find the clips on you tube, but wasn't able. Robert De Niro was so damn funny, and Shirley made me a little teary talking about how talented she finds Anne Hathaway. Great stuff.

My favorite "presentation" was Tina Fey and Steve Martin.

Now, I have to admit, usually I'm a rock during these shows. Catty even. They don't bring me to tears. That said, I welled up several times last night, with Heath Ledgers family causing a lump in my throat so large I was sure I would have to call the paramedics. Man, I don't know if it's because I lost someone whom I loved this year also, but I was crying pretty hard when his dad was talking - just imagining how much more they would have loved that moment if their son had been there himself. I also was reduced to tears when Slumdog Millionaire won best picture. (If you haven't seen it? You really should. It's a great story, and a beautifully filmed movie.)

I know what you really expect from me is snark, so I've downloaded a few photos for us to discuss:

Hmmmmm, looks like Sarah made a couple of well placed purchases with her movie residuals! And what is up with Matthew Broderick? Didn't he used to be adorable? Perhaps he could have gone BOGO on the spray tan with Hugh?

Tilda Swinton is the only woman in Hollywood who could get away with wearing this outfit and have it look "avant gard", as opposed to "your-stylist-should-be-fired."

Why on earth was Mario Lopez at the Oscars? Dancing with the Stars? Yes. Oscars? No.

In a word? Flawless.

Listen to me Little Missy, You are a sixteen year old girl who gets to go to the OSCARS! I don't care if your mother wouldn't let you wear a body baring dress that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination... You are appropriately dressed and at an event you don't really deserve to attend so SMILE and ACT LIKE YOU ARE HONORED TO BE HERE!

Freida Pinto is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood these days. She's pretty enough to be Brad Pitt's next ex.

Hey, there's that blatant hussy again! Nice arms.

Ummmmm..... wow........... well................... that girl behind them has on a cute dress!

The Brange. Two of the best looking people on the planet, both nominated for Best Actor awards, parents of 6 gorgeous children, more money than the Queen of England, able to live anywhere in the world, accomplished in their careers. Yes, I think the look of contempt on their faces is warranted.

Dear Lindsay Lohan,
This? Is how it's done.
As ever, Dodi

and last, but certainly not least.... Robert Downey Jr.! Mark my words: SMA 2010. (Seriously, have you seen Ironman? WOW!)

Until next year,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Academy Awards Tonight!

(If he sucks? I'm still going through with my SMA Fridays. He's just that dreamy!)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Is it at all ironic that the tag inside my big, baggy, comfy green pajama pants reads “Intimates” in beautiful, flowery writing?

Because it might be a touch more honest if the tag read “Inanimates”.

Friday, February 20, 2009

SMA Friday!

Hugh on Sunday night - will you watch? I'm going to watch. Seriously, he could do nothing but stand there for 3 hours and I'd still watch.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Time for Chalk Drawings!

Above art By Julian Beever - the most incredible sidewalk artist ever!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our family just got a little big bigger!

Our nephew, Dustin, and his wife, Rachel, had a baby on Thursday, Feb. 12th. His name is Micah Ray, and he's just darling! Congratulations to the new parents, the new grandparents (Lisa and Rick), and the new GREAT grandparents (my in-laws). This baby has joined a great family!!

I had to do some stelth facebook searching to find this picture on Rachel's page! He's just too sweet not to share with my friends!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yep, she's Nine alright

So, DD1 didn't much like getting sent to her room this morning. Providing she has just come from playing in there, you'd think it wouldn't have been too traumatic. Wrong! Just to let the entire household know of her misery and hatred of her mother, Ms. Hissy McFitsalot had to slam her door. And she SLAMMED her door but good!

She slammed it so hard that the trim came off, the door was stuck, and husband had to pry it open and re-nail the door jam back together. And, being the awesome parent he is, he did wait to even let her know she would ever be released until the requisite 15 minute time out was over. Gotta love a guy who doesn't interrupt the discipline process a mom has begun!

I suppose we can be glad that it won't leave a scar on her tush. Right Kate? Because, and I can only hope this is true, the mental scars of your father hammering on the door frame to release you from your own stupidity - while your mother shouts "I told you so" in the background - aren't nearly as difficult to work through in therapy as an adult?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Friday, February 13, 2009


Today is my birthday, I am 44. The first time I realized my mother's age was on her 44th birthday - that truly was the first time I remember her having a birthday or even realizing she was a regular person who was getting older. I also remember that, at 44, I thought she was very old. (A HECK of a lot older than I feel today!)

So, I guess this post is for my daughters - there was a time before your mom was old, and my life didn't start with our wedding album like you might think. There was a time... a time before mom was 1/2 of "mommy and daddy". (These aren't pictures of monumental moments in my life - not my first steps or prom or graduations... just a couple pictures of regular stuff, which is a better representation of me before you knew me):

Here I am sometime after I turned one. A bow would have killed my mother?

This is in the summer, so I'm guessing I'm 16 or 17 months old here. Check out those legs! (I still have them, btw.)

Second grade? I started my "awkward period" a bit earlier than most. Although I have more lovely school photos like this, this is the last photo I'll ever post of my awkward period - so the next picture is from sometime in ....!! This was a September night, probably a Sunday, since we had class the next morning and were concerned with getting enough sleep! The guy with his arm around me and the girl in pink were two of my very best friends in college.

Delta Zeta! This was a "Yacht Party" our sorority had in 1986. You can tell I'd been landlocked my entire life, hence the JEAN JACKET that I wore. Those white RayBan's were ubiquitous to my college life. (I still have them.) Aunt Suz is in the yellow.

Ahhhh, the perm. Girls, this is what mom's hair usually looked like from about 1984 until 1990. (But usually not this light - highlights gone mad in this photo.) I kid you not - I did that to my hair on purpose!

...and this. This is one of my favorite nights ever... and it wasn't cuz I was rocking the cute Mousketeer costume (which I so was). This was the first night your dad ever kissed me. I think it was the mouse ears that convinced him I was the one.

A few months after that last picture, I turned 30.
Fourteen Years ago I turned 30.

Happy Birthday to me, and all the "me's" I have been getting here.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

That time of year already?

The day before I was born, my oldest brother turned seven. What he'd wanted for his birthday was a puppy... what he got was a little sister that he'd have to share birthday cakes with for years to come. This is one of our most famous family stories.
"I wanted a puppy."
"He got a sister."

Funniest "Larry and I" birthday story I have involves my mom. I was a twenty-something, and my mom hadn't called me on my big day to wish me a happy birthday. Sure, I was miffed but this wasn't THAT weird, I knew she'd done it to other sibs before, she'd just forgotten. I called my brother on Valentines day and asked him if Mom had called him for his birthday - ready to commiserate and laugh that she'd forgotten us and wondering if this might not be the next great family story - and found out she had called him! Not me... forgot the child born the very next day... seriously, out of all her kids I have the easiest birthday in the world to remember - - it's the DAY AFTER LARRY'S! (And I'm her youngest, her BABY!) So, he got the call. I didn't. She heard about it, and my dad probably giggled that she got an ear full.

Happy Birthday to my brother who is now FIRMLY entrenched in his 50's (although he and my other brother, who turn 50 this year, actually look younger then I do). I'll be thinking about you today, wondering if you're having chicken cacciatore for dinner, and being sure I can almost smell the german-shepard-chocolate cake.

See, could a puppy blog you a birthday wish? I think not.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guys you date vs. Guys you marry

Today, Penny Parker (Rocky Mountain News, "On The Town") had the following under her signature column wrap up, EAVESDROPPING:

"Eavesdropping on a woman's Facebook post: 'I want to date an iPhone guy but marry a BlackBerry guy."

That, my friends, is the way the new generation sees the age old situation.
1940's: date the musician, but marry the veteran.
1950's: date the rebel, marry the insurance executive.
1960's: date the guy you met at Woodstock, marry the guy you met at your parent's country club.
1970's: date the protester, marry the tax payer.
1980's: date the guy with the biggest hair in the band, marry the guy in the preppy polo shirt who held your hair after the big night with the band.
1990's: date the dot-com rebel, ....ummmm well, marry the dot-com rebel. The 90's were a strange time.
2000's: date the iPhone, marry the Blackberry.

Too recent?

1500's: date the cute, smelly stable boy on market day, marry the guy who's father is a merchant or a knight.

Who you marry says a lot about who you are, and what you expect from life. I don't think there is any getting around this, it's just the way it is - and society has always had certain standards that 80% of the population aspire to.

My own take on this, and my advice for anyone looking for stability and happiness in this world of chaos and foolishness: date the guy on facebook, marry the guy on LinkdIn. Some thing make all the difference.
For me, I have to agree: Blackberry trumps iPhone.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank God for Antibiotics!

OK, whinging is over - antibiotics have kicked in and I feel human again. As a wonderful side effect, sinus condition that I've been dealing with since the day after Christmas also seems to be resolving itself - perhaps it has been an sinus infection all this time after all?

Happy Monday. House de-cluttering can continue. (Anybody interested in joining me for a large yard sale in May is welcome. I'm thinking we can turn it in to a multi family cul-de-sac sale with no problem!) It's just all too much for me to deal with, and I need the crap out of here before the remodeling can begin. (Otherwise we have no place to move the stuff we are keeping from room to room!) I hope that Goodwill is interested in lots of gently worn clothing... FROM THE 80's! LOL. I'll also be having a tea in the next couple of weeks so my friends can come over and go through the books I'm getting rid of. I've got some pretty good titles up for grabs.

On a not so cheerful note: Please send your prayers to those in Victoria Australia this week... massive forest fires have decimated over 900 acres. 130+ deaths so far, fire moving so quickly that people have died in cars driving away from the fires. Worst of all, perhaps, is they believe some of the fires were not accidental. As people who live close to "fire country", we in Colorado understand the terror and horror of massive forest fires. This is what it will be like eventually when the beetle kill all around Vail goes up. Sad, scary days. Danielle, we all certainly hope that your friends and family have not been affected. I know you live a long, long way from the fire areas - but I'm not sure about your extended network.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Testing? One, two, three... testing... (sound of tapping the microphone) is anybody still out there?

(The only sound in the background is the wind whistling through this particular blogger canyon.)

Hmmmm, well I suppose nobody cares that I have strep and that my throat hurts so very badly that when I swallow it feels like my ears might explode like Mt. Vesuvius.

(Poor me.)

I'll just finish my hot tea, go pick up my prescriptions, and climb back in bed - where I'm sure my ears will explode and my throat will never stop hurting. (Seriously, I get the throat - it's STREP THROAT... but the ears? Cruel collateral damage, absolutely cruel.)

s i g h .

Friday, February 6, 2009

SMA Friday!

There are far, far sadder people than I out there... as evidenced by the fact that you can find him on a coffee mug. *

But, in keeping with the spirit of SMA Friday, here he is:

*There is even a Jesus mug out there that actually looks like Hugh - but that might cross the boundries into bad taste. After all, I don't want the police banging on my door like I'm some sort of internet stalker! Which, come on who are we kidding, I probably am since I've got like 25 pictures of him on my hard drive ready to post on Fridays. Ummm, wait. Was that an overshare?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Love

Did Sarah make anyone else cry on Sunday's episode of Big Love? She is killing me this season. And, I'm not sure how, but the Niki-crazy is even more explosive than last season - and don't even get me started on Lois. I'm not so sure I can head up "Team Lois" anymore.

Sisterwives, opinions?

P.S. He's still Chet.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Well, Phil got up early today and saw his shadow. Six more weeks of Winter. Sigh. The good news is that it's only 6 more Mondays until Spring! (Or, depending on how you look at it, six more SMA Fridays!) I get Spring Fever quite bad this time of year... and long for the Summer days that follow. The color of "Pool Blue" is a happy color for me. I can't wait to see it again.

We went to our friends' annual Groundhogs Day Party this weekend, and it was really fun. They are old neighbors who have "moved on" as they say, and we miss them. In speaking to the husband, I got a more in-depth understanding of "Why Groundhogs Day?" It seems that around the Yuletide peoples' weekends get booked too quickly with the glut of holiday get-togethers, and then there is a big let down in the social scene. Seems like everyone enjoys a good party during the dark days of Winter... and so the Groundhogs Day Party was born. It isn't that he's crazy about the rodent, it's simply a really good time to have a party.

My husband told me his parents had a "last rose of Summer" party. Husband and I really need to have an annual party to call our own. We have claimed Thanksgiving as our holiday to host for our families, but we don't have an annual do for our friends. Wouldn't it be fun to have a certain time of year come up and have people be able to say; "Hey, isn't it time for Dodi and Whats-his-name's annual (something or other) party?"

Kids will be included. Evites will be sent. Now all we need is a good idea.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

All Things February

February is (at least in the USA):

The shortest month on our calendar (This still really makes no sense to me.)
Black History Month (I'll be telling the kids a lot about my family.)
National Snack Food Month (Something I'll try to be patriotic about and remember everyday.)
National Dental Month (due for a cleaning?)
Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month (That's right, bring em back!)
National Grapefruit Month (Yum!)
National Cherry Month (Why?)
National Bird Feeding Month (okay...because most of them are still in MEXICO for the remainder of the winter...)
American Heart Month (makes sense.)
American History Month (wait, how come Black History can't have it's own month? Eleven other months available and it has to share with American History?)

Special days in February:

2nd: Groundhogs Day (Go Phil, Go!)
7th: Charles Dickens Day (his birthday.)
11th: Thomas Edison's birthday (his too.)
12th: Abraham Lincoln's birthday, and my brother's birthday (more on this later.)
13th: MY birthday (more on this, too, later.)
14th: Valentines Day (Awww. I love Valentines Day!)
15th: Susan B. Anthony's birthday (I know who she is, but she already has a silver dollar, does she really also need a day?)
16th: Presidents Day (I like this because it's a day off of school.)
18th: Anniversary of the Planet Pluto being discovered. (Is this really still a day of recognition now that they bumped Pluto off the planet list?)
20th: Hoodie-Hoo Day (Northern Hemisphere only. Don't you dare celebrate in Australia!)
22nd: George Washington's birthday (He'll be 277 this month.)
24th: Mardi Gras (This is when that "not really being Catholic" thing comes in handy. More on that later.)

So, if nothing else, February gives us a lot of blog fodder. Which, really, is a bonus since it doesn't give us much else other than cold weather, a rodent who predicts the coming of Spring, and my getting older every damn year.

February? Bring it.