Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I lead a small life...

In the movie You've Got Mail, Kathleen Kelly starts one of her monologues with "I lead a small life..." I guess that phrase would hit the nail on the head in describing me. I lead a small life, but it's not an unimportant life. I suppose I'm a medium sized fish in a very small pond. I don't know a lot of people - certainly not nearly as many as my husband knows. But, I do feel like those that I do know I have an impact and importance in their lives.

I don't literally have a small life. I live in a large city, in the suburbs. I come from a large family, and know lots of people. (Though, not nearly as many as my husband!) I have several good friends, a handful of very good friends, and two or three very dear friends. My friends have been there for me, and I try to be there for them. I am very important to my husband and children. I know their lives would be so much darker without me. It isn't that I don't feel loved or that I don't have a lot of people that I care about. (My dogs also worship the ground I walk on, literally - they are my posse.)

I suppose I feel like I lead a small life because I haven't had a big effect on the world. I'm not famous, I haven't discovered or invented anything, I'm not politically active, I haven't changed the world. After I die only those I was close to will be affected. The world won't feel my loss, it will be like I was never here in many ways. But, I'm OK with that. I'd rather be who I am than a celebrity that the pap's never leave alone or someone who's personal life is very public. GIGANTIC HYPOCRITE!!! Yes. I'm a hypocrite. I am addicted to celebrity gossip (my favorites are laineygossip.com and gofugyourself.com), but would HATE to have that sort of interest generated about my own life. Maybe this is why I don't strive for success?

My friend, JoAnne, wants us to write a book. About housewives in situations, comedy. Kids, husbands, neighbors, all very intermingeld and funny.

Problem with this plan? I can't write. Not very well anyway. I guess one of the reasons I need to blog is (aside from hoping that someday I'll share this blog with my kids) that I need to write. Except for shopping lists, to do lists, and notes to the teacher there isn't a lot of writing going on in my life. Emails to people are about as involved as I get, other than the annual christmas letter. (Which, sometimes, is very well written. Sometimes not so much.)

Another problem with this plan? What if it's successful? Would I want my world to get even a little bit bigger?

Friday, January 26, 2007


How utterly suburban... playgroup. Tragically suburban in fact. And, since I am a cliche stay at home mom (minivan, two children, prozac, etc.) I have been a part of a neighborhood playgroup for several years now - until this past Autumn. Too many of the kids in school now, only a few little ones left. Time to move on to the next chapter of stay at home mom life, right?

No. What about us mommies? Wasn't playgroup mostly for us? Sure, our kids liked each other, and hopefully have made "life long" friends in the most literal sense of the word; but it's us moms that needed each other most. Kids can make a new best friend in 35 minutes at the playground. Mom's are a little more particular. I know I am lucky to have found nine women through my neighborhood that I not only like, but actually love. I have shared something with these women that has changed my life - the very beginnings of my daughters' childhoods. A couple of the moms / families have moved away, "replaced" with new neighbors. (Replaced isn't really the right word... but I can't find one that means what I am trying to say.)

I had the mom's over again today. It's been a very long time since we gathered, and it was nice to see them, it was familliar, it was cozy. I was - for two hours - completely comfortable and it was so nice to laugh with people who know me so well. They know me, they look out for me, I can call them if I have trouble... and I would do anything for any one of them if they needed my help. How many people have this? Not enough, I fear, or the world would be a much cozier, peaceful place.

I don't see them much anymore, sadly, but they are only a "playgroup" away.

Long live the suburban cliche! I cannot imagine not living it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The way things go for me

Daughter's birthday is scheduled for Saturday.

It has snowed 3 weekends in a row, starting with just before Christmas.

Daughter will be heartbroken if only 3 kids show up at her party - which I have put a non-refundable deposit down on.

Cue snow.


Thursday, January 4, 2007

Lists... and more lists

I saw this on another's blog, and thought it was cool. I'm not one for pre-assigned blog ideas, but as with everything else in my life, there is always the exception.

Here are my lists, in no specific order per each catagory:

Ten Things I want to do before I die
Live in either England, Ireland, or Scotland for at least two years.
Live by the ocean for a while.
Be able to buy Husband a Porsche
Take our kids to Australia for a Christmas
Publish a photo
Dance at DD1’s Wedding
Dance at DD2’s Wedding
Rock my grandbabies to sleep
See the Sistine Chapel in person
Learn to speak French

Nine Places I last spent money
Barnes and Noble
Old Navy
King Soopers
Lord of the Hills
Arapahoe School of Gymnastics

Eight Sounds I routinely hear around my house
The aquarium
The refrigerator
Girls bickering
Annie reading outloud
Julia talking during pretend play
Cars driving my (corner lot)
Dogs walking around
My computer buzzing

Seven Real restaurants where I last ate out
Blue Koi
BBQ place in Southlands
Noodles & Co.
Sooper Salad
Las Brisas
Casa Something or Other in Waco
Village Inn

Six things I’ve recently scratched off my to do list
Give myself a facial
Paint my toenails
Buy Devil Wears Prada
Fill in calendar for 2007

Five People I don’t know but I’d really like to hang out with
Ron Livingston (Yummy)
Sarah Jessica Parker
Tim Gunn
John Stewart


Four Songs that make me happy
Our Own Place and Time
Ordinary Miracle
Since you’ve been gone
Sugar we’re goin down

Three Things I hate to do
Anything on a deadline
Confront people

Two Things I am really good at
Photo Editing
Making others laugh

One Bad Habit

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

Yes, I realize it's the third of January. I'm usually a little late with this sort of stuff.

Right now I'm avoiding housework... so what better time to catch up on my blog? I can't decide, however, which topic will be written about - so I think we'll all just have to take a nap and I'll return later.

Ahhhh, I love a good nap.

I also love Celebrity Gossip. Well, not so much "gossip" as "news". I like the dirt. I'm sure people all over the world are really freaky like that, but celebrities have a harder time hiding it. If I were famous I swear I'd be a little more careful, but I'm not naturally drawn to a freaky lifestyle so it probably wouldn't be much of a problem for me. Like Sandra Bullock. Love Her. But I suppose I won't be reading about her getting caught with dirt on her hands any time soon. (I actually hope not!) But, other people in hollywood who I think are really nothing more than a pretty face? Bring it on!

Speaking of which - did you see DIRT last night? Courtney is a goddess, and I think I'm going to LOVE this series.

But, then again, I loved Wonderfalls. Look where that got them.