Monday, January 12, 2009

Nine years old is....

Too old for Gymboree, too young for Justice.

Ipods that still have Disney music on them, some princess songs are still OK for now.

Long hair in your face, mom's suggestion of "Wouldn't a ponytail with a bow be cute?" are met with hostile stares. She might wear that out of the house, but it won't be on her when she gets home.

Her thinking she is old enough for a cell phone. Mom and Dad telling her that MAYBE when she starts middle school.

Her sneaking both lip gloss and Littlest Petshop toys to school in her backpack.

Two or three years until I am officially the most embarrassingly awful person on this planet... as in "do NOT let people know we are related." Sigh.

Hopefully a couple of years left before she gives up our GoodNight Snuggles.

Still happy when Mom shows up at school and pops her head in to say "hi".

Sleeping peacefully with stuffed animals, and McDonald's toys are still small treasures.

Seeing glimpses of what kind of friends she is drawn towards, and knowing this still has time to change before she will be "labeled" as part of a group.

Another few steps away from us - towards who she is going to be. God bless her, I hope she always knows we're here - even if someday we are the most God awful, embarrassing, stupid, hopeless parents she ever has.

Today? We still have the answers, she still loves to be around us, and she welcomes us in to her life. I'm going to spend her year of Nine trying to remember that, cherish it, and not think about what is coming our way when our Little Girl is not so little anymore.


birdymunch said...

Well said... Those times are indeed gone for me. Of course the cross walking Mom all bundled up waving her STOP sign and jumping up and down amused her fellow passengers but was totally embarrassing for her and I am so sad that she hardly ever frequents my cross walk any more. Cherish as the time is fleeting and precious.

Sitting in Silence said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww beautiful post Dodi....she's an absolute doll...xoxo

Aimee said...

This is sweet. I'm not sure I could find that many "cute" things to write about DD. Enjoy her now!

Dodi said...

It still seems like she should be my toddler with pigtails! God, what do you do when they turn twenty??

tz said...

oh my gosh she's cute..we're going to have some awesome looking grandkids :D

tz said...

oh darn what I should have said...
kids of mixed marriages are always so pretty! hahahaha, I crack myself up

ganelle said...

Great post!