Sunday, June 5, 2011

Technology 1, Dodi 0

I think God invented technology to remind me that I am WAY older than I actually feel. See, in my head I'm in my early 30's... God seems to resent this illusion and wants to give me a reality check.

For Christmas this year I received an Apple iPod iTouch. Love it. Love it beyond words. I listen to my music, my books on tape, read my kindle, keep my guided meditation on it, watch movies, facebook, twitter... LOVE it.

About 2 weeks ago I had to upgrade to a Smart Phone. Thought a LOT about it, was very careful about my research, and decided that I had to go Android for work purposes. Android works better with the google apps stuff the company I work for uses, and I'm on skype all day long. Since I didn't need the entertainment apps I wasn't worried about that - for that I still had my Apple. (Plus, I need it to be a hotspot for when I'm away from wifi availability... and having an iPhone seemed redundant if I already had an iTouch.)

Easy enough, right. Now I have both platforms to work on - truly I own the BEST of both worlds.


Except instead of mastering two different platforms? My over 40 brain now can do nothing but stare at the device in my hand for a full minute before I can do ANYTHING with the dumb thing. I have to remember where I am, what I am doing, how to do it on this particular machine, and how come the screen looks different? Where is the app I am looking for - what?? Crap. I know that button is here somewhere! How come I can't wrap my brain around all of this? I'm (fairly) intelligent. I "get" how both of these things work in theory. I did research on this. WHY can't my brain just switch in to whatever gear I am needing at that moment? My brain used to perform like a well oiled machine (this may be an exaggeration... but it's my blog and I'm allowed a little bit of fantasy regarding my own smarts.) What the hell happened?

Really... what the hell just happened?