Tuesday, August 28, 2007

8 things meme

I've seen this before on random blogs - but I saw it on a blog today where the person had made one change. List 8 things about yourself, but make one of them untrue. Let's see if you can guess which is untrue!

8. I have over 40 first cousins

7. I have an art degree

6. I speak passable French

5. In college, pledges of our sorority were afraid of me.

4. I love historical fiction

3. My husband and I were married on a Friday

2. There are no nude pictures of me

1. my favorite flower is a lily

So.... how well do you really know me? I'm going to email my 4 friends now and issue the same challenge to them. (Ok, I have a few more than 4 friends... but only 4 that blog. That I know of.)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Are you ever too young for MP3 technology?

OK, let me start this entry by giving you some background. DD1 was brought up on music such as "The Wiggles", "Greg and Steve", "Raffi", "Sesame Street", etc. until she was well past the age of 5. Then, because she was outgrowing the preschool stuff, I let her listen to Radio Disney once in a while... but still playing the preschool stuff most of the time because I figured DD2 deserved the same excellence in parenting that DD1 had. Monitor what they hear and see - and hopefully it will do some good. (Not that I didn't let them watch Shrek, or anything pg... but you get the idea.)

Guess what happened? DD2 decided along with DD1 that the preschool songs bit the big one, and only wanted the more modern Disney exposure. (Hillary, High School Musical, Hannah, you know - the TWEEN music.) So much for protecting DD2's right to excellent parenting - - she is now very put out if we pop in "The Wiggles", and it's much easier to drive without the tantrums that withholding Radio Disney causes.

I got Husband an IPod for Christmas last year. He had a small MP3 player before that, so he LOVED the 30gigs that the IPod provided. Music, movies, etc. Managing his music inventory is now a hobby of his. This left the old MP3 player not being used. Cue DD1 entering second grade - and us thinking it might be fun for her to have the MP3 player loaded with the tween music that she loves. Maybe I can steer DD2 back the way I want her to go.

(You see where this is going, yes?)

DD2 will NOT be steered back to preschool music.


Now she screams that sister has something so very cool of her very own - and by saying "she screams" you should read that as: "a high pitched noise capable of shattering glass is escaping from her lungs and my ears are starting to bleed."

So, I have an idea. I will not get her her OWN mp3 player... but I will lend her mine. Filled with music that is acceptable - even some Aly and AJ.

She is in heaven. DD1 is OK because her mp3 is hers, and DD2's is only borrowed from Mom. DD2 is in heaven because she thinks now she is just as hip as big sister. Mom is in heaven because my ears have stopped bleeding. Dad is suspicious that Mom gave in to DD2 at too early of an age, and that we should have waited until she was a bit older.

He's probably right. But there is only really so much screaming I can listen to before I'm going to have to up my prozac dosage - - and do any of us really want that?

It is true, the second child has a much more "relaxed" upbringing.

First child: rigid nap schedule, gymboree classes, all new outfits at just the right age, fully monitored visual and audio input.
Second child: They nap around older sister's schedule, we pay attention to them during sister's ballet classes instead of taking them to gymboree class, they wear the hand-me-down when they fit... hopefully it's the correct season, and they pretty much get to watch and listen to what big sister watches and listens to.

It is probably a good thing Husband and I stopped at two children. If this were to continue I can only imagine that the fourth or fifth child would have had their ears pierced in utero, would have known all the words to, "It's the best of both worlds" instead of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", and instead of "Baby Einstein" she would watch "High School Musical" in her bouncy seat. And I probably wouldn't be sitting next to her talking about the colors and music. I'd be screaming for DD1 to get in to the family room and watch the baby.

I personally am the youngest of six children.

I? Could have been raised by aliens and my parents wouldn't have minded.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Predict

My friend sent me an email that we were supposed to fill in with our answer and then pass it on. Well, most of my friends (all what? 4 friends that I have?) usually hate to get these kinds of emails - and I do too. So, I thought I'd blog it. If you want to also blog it - the more the merrier.

What is it that you predict?

Seems like a broad question doesn't it? Well, my friend predicted that shoulder pads would be back in within 5 years. So, I guess they're not looking for something really deep and meaningful here... so I predict:

Stainless Steel Appliances are on their way out, in favor of newer more innovative metal finishes. Dark Bronze, Brushed nickel, etc. I think stainless has gone as far as it's going to go - and will go the way of avocado green in that it will say "early 21st century" like pink said "50's" and avocado green said "70's" Granite is also going - but will never disappear. Quartz is the big up and coming popular counter top treatment. Polished concrete may also become popular.

Not that any of this should mean anything to you. I hardly have a decorating degree, or great taste for that matter. It's just what "I predict..."

That's all. You can get back to your life now, and thanks for stopping by.

Big Love,

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lois and the Back to School Supplies

Tomorrow is DD1's first day of second grade! Holy cow, I am not ready for that! Emotionally, that is. Physically we have everything we need to get her off and running - - but that wasn't the case earlier today. Let's backtrack, shall we?

Friday night was the family back to school picnic. (Yea!) Got to meet her teacher. (Yea!) Heard all about the curriculum. (Yea!) Saw old friends. (Yea!) Went to pick up "The Box" that I had ordered last spring. (Boo!) Why Boo? BECAUSE IT WASN'T THERE! Now, if you don't know what "the box" is, it's the magical box of all the correct school supplies that the PTCO organizes for us every spring for the following fall. It has everything, and it's at a very good price - so this year I was going with "The Box." Everyone always raves about how "the box" had saved them time and how "the box" was so easy. I was looking forward to it - I had even throw away the supply list that was mailed to me... confidant that "The Box" was going to be waiting for us on Friday night.

My packet of information was there. No Box.

Track down the PTCO lady who is in charge of organizing "The Box" shipments. I am not on the spreadsheet, so no box was ordered. She asks me if my payment has gone through. Ummm, well, see I'm not normally that attentive to the mastercard statements. I glance to see if the charges all look like something we might have actually charged - but I don't really download the specifics to my brain. So I can't tell her the answer. She gives me the big "eye roll" (and I assume this is the same eye roll taught to ALL PTCO members nationwide, so I'm sure you've seen it if you've had to deal with them at all), and says, "Then I'm not sure there is anything we can do for you, but I'm looking for someone to take over this position - and if you think it could use improving you're more than welcome to have the job." Excuse me? I wasn't even my usual patronizing self - I was being polite and she gave me the eye roll and "the speech". (Now, I'm plenty familiar with "the speech", having been on pool committee for a number of years I've been know to give "the speech" a time or two... but only when truly warranted... usually.)

Now, I'm pissed off. I look at her and reply, "Actually, I don't see myself as a PTCO member in that capacity. I'm more of a people person." But, truthfully, its not really her that has me all po'd... it's the fact that the weekend before school starts I have to begin my search for school supplies. Crap! You know all the good stuff is gone - and that I'm going to have to visit 3 stores to get everything on the list because Walmart is sure to have only half the stuff, while Target will have about a third, and Office Max will be my expensive last resort "go to" for the missing supplies. AND, don't bother shopping in the part of town that is closest to my house - because school started here over a month ago, and the stores are now on to Halloween with BACK TO SCHOOL dwindled to one crummy isle next to the clearance summer toys.

But we managed to get her supplies. All of them. For only about $5.oo more than the box would have cost me if they had actually not lost my form.

Next year, I'm finding out who "The Box" mom is, and I'm handing her my form in person. AND, I'm never going to volunteer for that position because they weren't nice to me.

That'll show em! You don't eye roll the master and get away with it!

P.S. For those of you who watch Big Love on HBO... I took the sister wife quiz and the wife I'm most like is Lois. LOIS! And, those PTCO bitches better know that you don't f**k with LOIS! I'll throw a can of peas at their heads!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Am I anti-social?

I have been so very out of touch lately it's weird. I'm one to withdraw anyway, when I get anxious or feel overwhelmed. But when I spoke to my friend MM this morning I realized that I haven't really been "in contact" with any of my close friends in, like, a month or more. When did I turn in to this really anti-social character? I, admittedly, have a problem in that I like to "cocoon" in my house. I literally never get cabin fever, can go days without leaving our house/backyard. Blizzards? Don't really bother me - unless there are no chocolate chip cookie fixins... then we have a problem! But, even in periods where I am not really out and about so much, I manage to keep in contact with my friends. Email and the phone.

I suppose it is good that school is starting. This will force me to deal with others on a daily basis again - it's too easy for me to just fall off the face of the earth.

Shouldn't that bother me? That I'm OK without "non family" human contact for a month? Sure, I read blogs and leave comments - but that really isn't the same as spending time with people. Am I an example of what is going to become of us as our lives get even more technologically involved? Remember those sci-fi scenarios where people were contained in their pods and lived through their computers? Is that me in a few years? Will I be one of those freaky hermit people? Like, Howard Hughes - but without the wealth to back up my description of being merely "eccentric"?

Hmmm. I'll let you know if and when I lose the desire to shower. Y'all know how important my hair is to me. When that goes then it will be time to call the men in the white coats!!

(OK, it's not like I'm agoraphobic or anything, just really lazy sometimes!)

Monday, August 13, 2007

How much do I love our new camera???

OH MY GOD, it's awesome! Haven't had much chance to play with my new Photoshop CS3 yet... but I can't wait!

The best thing about a digital SLR? NO shutter lag like a normal digital camera. Love. Love. Love. Mrs. Nielson, you were so right!

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Storm last night

Last night we had a gorgeous storm. Beautiful lightening, crashing thunder, pouring rain. Our new roof is working perfectly, so I love the rain again. What ruined this magical experience for me? Our boxer panting in my left ear for the entire storm. He hates lightening and thunder… so he took me down right with him.

This was a horrible experience on so many levels! He devastated the cozy feeling that I get from being safe inside while nature goes crazy outside, dog breath does little to relax me, and the ghastly repetitious panting noise was enough to drive me crazy.

For future reference, how much Benedryl can you safely give a 70 pound dog?

(Is that bad?)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Post that goes with picture below

Highlights of our Family Getaway

We were in cabins. Lovely little cabins with running water (hot and cold), indoor plumbing, and we didn’t have to sleep on the ground.

The horses that live on the property came to our door every morning to see if we had any carrots or apples we weren’t planning on eating. The girls were squee with excitement over this!

Our friends, J.S. and A.S. and their children were so much fun to hang out with I completely forgot I hate the out-of-doors! (Well, the wilderness out-of-doors anyway… I’m all for the neighborhood pool out-of-doors)

DD1 got completely soaked and muddy playing in the stream with our hosts daughter on our first afternoon and was darling in her happiness. She also likes to fish with her Daddy, and while DD2 isn’t ready for stream fishing yet she does like to pick wildflowers for her mom. DD1 and her dad finished a 5 mile hike together, and were muddy and laughing upon their return.

DD2 will go on a "nature walk" to pick wildflowers for mommy... but will NOT go on a "hike". It can be the exact same area that is being covered, but you must call it a walk, not a hike. Go figure.

Side trip to Pagosa Springs was wonderful. Our friends daughter had been on the TV show “What Not To Wear” earlier this year so we got to watch a DVD of her show. It was very funny to see. Also, my friend S.Mc. took me on a great tour of the town in her convertible BMW. Top down, beautiful summer day, charming mountain town… the only way to tour.

DD1 saying to my friend S.Mc. as she sprayed “White Diamonds” perfume, “Hey! I know what that smell reminds me of!! OFF BUG SPRAY!” (God, you have to love their innocence, don’t you?)

I can do without any more excessive time in the car this summer. Two long car trips are plenty. But, as usual, the girls were great travelers and it was great to get away from the stress of everyday life. Although, coming home to everyday life was fantastic (especially since my new Harry Potter was waiting on my kitchen table for me)… and to quote a more famous Dorothy: “There’s No Place Like Home!”

(Note: my real name is Dorothy. Just in case you didn’t already know that. It’s not something I advertise!)

Saturday, August 4, 2007