Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Maybe I'll let her grow up just a little bit...

DD2 has been bugging me to cut her hair "short" ever since her sister got her hair bobbed earlier this summer. I really thought it would pass if I could just get her in to preschool and she could see the other little girls with longer hair.

Know what? It didn't pass. Every day she would ask me, "Can I get my hair cut short today?"

Every. Single. Day.

So, on Monday I surprised her. "Can I get my hair cut short today?" "Yep! You have an appointment at Lollilocks at 11:10."

She was THRILLED. Smiled the entire time she was getting her hair cut, as I quietly wept inside my head - a little harder each time one of her baby curls hit the ground.

So now, I present to you the NEW and IMPROVED DD2! (Of course, just like any hair cut, I'll never be able to get it to look like this again!)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

If you're looking for some good blog reading

I found a new blog that I am loving going through and reading. She is a wonderful writer, and her posts - for the most part - speak to me. I laugh out loud a lot, and sometimes she has brought me to tears. If you have time on your hands, and are one who likes to find a good blog and like reading through their older posts I highly recomment Antique Mommy.

She seems like a girlfriend. She has the soul of a true "sisterwife". (You Big Love fans know what I mean by that.) Trust me, Lois isn't easily moved by others!

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Meanest Practical Joke

(Forgive me, but my blog will not let me embed this video. Probably nothing I'm doing wrong with the Html... that just wouldn't make any sense!)

Anyway, this is the best practical joke I've ever seen. So very mean and truly clever.

God, I wish I had thought of this first!! Sure, he'll probably burn in hell - but it would almost be worth it.

(There goes my karma alarm again. Dang, if I could only manage to be nice for two days running my karma would be in a lot better shape!)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

All Ages Admited

Apparently it is now OK to expose any one of any age to the words "nude", "bitches", and "f**k", because my blog got a G rating.
Also OK? Governmental Conspiracy Theories and the knowledge that Santa isn't real.
Feel free to let your emergent reader have a go - I'm G Rated!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I think I like her better in prairie skirts and high collars

What I don't have? Is Big Love for this outfit. Just sayin. Thats all.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

A strange thing happened on the way to the land of Nod…

Background: When daughters get tucked in at night, we snuggle for two songs. During the first song, they can talk to me and ask any questions or voice any concerns they might need to get off their mind before sleeping. (As they are 7 and 4 we’ve yet to encounter something that could not be answered in the space of a couple of minutes – at least enough of an answer to give then enough peace to sleep.) Now, on to my entry.

I’m tucking in the girls last night, and have a brain full of cold medicine, so maybe this incident isn’t as weighty as I happen to think?

DD1 always gets her snuggles second. (Just because, that’s why.) During her first song she turns away from me and states, “I just feel like something bad is about to happen.” I’m intrigued. “Like what? Soccer won’t be fun? You might have a bad dream? You might not like lunch tomorrow?” “No,” replies DD1, “Like someone bad wants to take over the whole world.” Oh. Don’t I feel foolish? “Well, honey, I don’t think anyone really wants to take over the WHOLE world.” DD1, “Why not?” Me, “Umm, well, I find taking care of a family of 4 to be somewhat overwhelming – I can’t imaging being responsible for 5 billion people.” I smile, so she knows I’m being silly – and usually this just makes her smile too and we’re done. Not tonight. DD1 then asks, “Mom, what is a puppet master?” (Wha? Where exactly is this going?) Me, “Remember when we saw ‘The Sound of Music’, and they put on the puppet show for the dad? The people who were making the puppets dance were the puppet masters.” (thinking to myself: Is this even remotely correct?) Daughter, “You mean those puppets with strings? What are those?” Me, “Marionettes.” Daughter, “How do the puppet masters know how to make them dance?” Me, “I imagine it takes a lot of practice.” Daughter: “Maybe we’re the puppets with strings. What are they again?” Me, “Marionettes. And, no… we’re not someone’s marionettes. There are no strings on our arms and we possess free will.” (Running through my head: Please don’t ask me about free will. Please don’t ask me about fee will….) Daughter: “If we were they could make us fly. They could make us do anything.”

From the other bed pipes up DD2, “God runs the whole world. He created it.”

DD1, “Oh, right. Good night mom.”

Is my daughter, at age 7, really starting to fear governmental conspiracy theories? Or is that the cold medicine reasoning for me?

This? Is why you cannot do drugs when you’re a parent. I suppose I always knew that – but who knew that Alka Seltzer Plus could skew your perceptions so drastically?

And, lastly, I think I’m going to let DD2 run the Q & A from now on. She seems surprisingly insightful!