Saturday, February 13, 2010


45 years ago we lived in a different world.

45 years ago our nation was at an impasse in its struggle for civil rights.
45 years ago our country entered into a war in Vietnam, a fight they would lose 10 years later.
45 years ago protesters were burning their draft cards, "My Fair Lady" won a Best Picture Oscar, Malcolm X was assassinated, Charlie Brown was on the cover of TIME magazine, and Canada unveiled a new flag.

45 years ago, a disk drive for an IBM 360 was the size of a washing machine, and held about 10 megabytes.

If a couple was married 45 years ago, they would now be celebrating their Sapphire anniversary.

It is estimated that 45 years ago, 3.3 billion people were living on this planet.

45 years ago it was 1965. The Rolling Stones had their first #1 hit, the Beatles played Shea stadium, the mini skirt was introduced, and the world was introduced to Spaghetti-O's.

Some of our favorite entertainers were born in 1965:
Julia Ormond
Kristin Davis
Dr. Dre (I know...)
Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen
Sarah Jessica Parker
Robert Downey Jr.
Linda Evangelista
Brooke Shields
J.K. Rowling (not technically an entertainer... but V.I.P. nonetheless)

45 years ago, February 13, 1965 fell on a Saturday.
I know that because it was the day I was born. My kids were both born on Saturdays, like me, which I think is pretty cool.

Today I am 45.
It took me my whole life to get here, and it seems like in the blink of an eye I am 45 years old. And the old cliche is true... it is the first day of the rest of my life.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wasting all my best stuff on Facebook

I've neglected my blog. I know it, you know it. People don't stop by here very often anymore, in case you count that May 2009 entry... which I don't. I tend to put snippets of my day up on Facebook now, not taking the time to really write things down. But today is good, today is one of those days you want to remember. Well, twenty minutes of today was so special I know it's worth remembering - and lets be honest, sometimes you don't get twenty minutes in a whole week that are lovely and special.

Today my darling daughter, the younger one, is home sick. She's in first grade... and today she is missing her Valentines Day party at school. She's sad, but she really doesn't feel good at all. Husband was up with her lots last night, and she's got a pretty bad cold.

She announced a bit earlier that she was hungry. I asked her what sounded good to her, and she couldn't think of anything. So I started sharing some ideas. Peanut butter crackers? No. Jelly sandwich? No. Soup? No. Jello? (pause) No. (Ahhh, I'm getting warm.) Ice cream? (pause) "Can I really have that?"

She's missing her school party - which is a big deal in first grade. Know what you do when that happens and the only thing that sounds good to her for lunch is ice cream?

You give it to her.

Know what you do next?

You go get yourself a bowl and join her.

You watch her eyes get big, and you make her giggle about how naughty this is - how wonderful to get to do something so out of the ordinary. You both laugh about how this is the silliest, craziest lunch in the whole world!

And then you smile, and you file this one away forever.