Sunday, May 6, 2007

Mrs. Nielson

So, just found out that one of my neighbors is a Nielson (Neilson? No, that isn't right) viewer. How great is that? I wish they'd call my household! I was something similar when I was in college - but there was no "log" to fill out. There was a box that they came and hooked up to my TV (which was a 13" b&w... because I was in COLLEGE) that reported back to the company what I was watching. Sadly, I was kicked out of the program. Not for anything good, like I was watching too much porn or anything - but because I hardly every turned the TV on. (Because I was in COLLEGE! Who had the time?) I blame myself that "My Two Dad's" didn't make it... but think the three times I watched MacGyver really helped them out. Perhaps they wouldn't be able to have the "All MacGyver Channel" on cable if not for that cute little co-ed in Greeley all those years ago?

One person CAN change the world.


Martha said...

Oh man, I remember My Two Dads...that was a fun show. Yeah, college and tv watching was tough. Watch tv or go out drinking? Always a tough decision. Now, it is a no-brainer, staying home with a full page of TiVo stuff trumps "clubbing" any time! :)

Colleen Dobson said...

I'm assuming "my 2 dads" isn't what I image it to be about?

I just read your earth day post. That is so cute that Annie's trying to rid the world of injustice at age 7! I bet she'll remind you about earth day next year.

tz said...

loved my two i know who to blame that it went off the air.