Thursday, November 29, 2007

So, the home repairs are NOT over...

Curiously enough, there seems to be no end to the amount of money it takes to maintain our house. I thought we'd sort of reached the end, but it managed to find something else to break which would interrupt our lives and demand to be fixed.

The Garage Door Opener.

I realize that people lived for centuries, nay... millennia, with no automatic garage door openers. (Can you imagine the medieval stable boy's reaction to such a thing?) But, I've grown up with them. I find that it is a necessity in life, which is why God made sure I was born in the USA during these modern times. Hair dryers, air conditioning, high speed internet access, HBO, and garage door openers. There is a reason that my peace corps application was not accepted (besides the fact that emergent third world countries probably need more help building bridges and water purification than being taught arts and crafts). I need modern conveniences. I rely on modern conveniences. I am no pioneer.

New Genie Garage Door Opener: $377 (installed)
Not having to park in the driveway because I am too lazy to open my garage door manually: priceless.

(I know, the above has been done to death... but I thought it was funny! And? It's my blog.)


Martha said...

Hmmm...this explains why I've noticed Van-Morrison parked outside in the elements!

Yep, I'd freak without my garage door opener, high speed, cable (TiVo of some sort please), hot running water, indoor toilets and soft supple TP. Oh, and let's not forget kitchen appliances: coffee pot, microwave, dishwasher.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Ugh! Home repairs, upgrades, remodeling--all make me shudder a bit.
We have some huge trees in our backyard that could take out our city street. My husband thought they needed to be cut down. (I thought they were pretty, but apparently that doesn't cut any ice).
$5,000 later, they're still not done.
I have no dishwasher, questionable plumbing, a Pepto-Bismal pink oven AND trees that may kill me.
Makes me wonder about the joys of homeownership.

tz said...

hahah, ok if you showed up medieval times with a garage door opener you would so be burned at the stake as a witch...even IF IT DID MAKE LIFE EASIER

I find it romantic to read about people living in those times (pre-indoor plumbing) but there are some things that should be flushed to places I know nothing about and I can go on my merry way not smelling ANYTHING

Aimee said...

I too was born in the correct era. Who couldn't live without TIVO or digital cameras (okay so I only got the former in May, but who's countning).

You made my laugh and with my last blog, I obviously needed a laugh.