Saturday, November 28, 2009

There was a get together at our house this week...

A house full of kids, Drama (not the kind you'd expect from my family - the kind where my husband notices that the pot he's already poured the oil in for the deep frying of the turkeys is split), happiness at seeing out of town relatives, tension (yes, the kind you'd expect), togetherness, avoidance, "Who wants more wine?", eye rolling, teasing, sarcasm, "Can I get anyone another beer?", laughter, being all in the same room for the blessing (since my mom passed this seems to have worked itself out... in the 'olden days' dad started the blessing while mom was still in the kitchen dishing up the gravy), the men all hanging out outside to supervise Husband while he fried up those birds (it was a beautiful day), "Who wants Baileys in their coffee?", compliments on our home improvements... it all went off without any major hitches once the new cooking pot was procured from Walmart (LAST one on the shelf).

In a nutshell? Thanksgiving.

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Kate said...

It was a great time, memories, friendships and bonding that we won't ever forget... and yes, just a little drama, a little eye rolling and a little sarcasm (no wait, it's our family).... alot of sarcasm, but alot of memories, stories and getting to know each other! Thanks for hosting it was wonderful! And now I know how to make Apple Salad!