Sunday, January 3, 2010

My husband's fear

Husband and DD1 were having a conversation about a month ago, while folding laundry, about reincarnation.

DD1: "I think I'd like to come back as a (female) deer."

Husband: "Oh? Why is that?" (Thinking she was going to make some profound statement about the freedom of being a deer, or recognizing something wonderful that only a nine year old can still see in wonder...)

DD1: "Well, you know how the male deer fight over the does? I think that would be pretty cool."

When my husband tells this story, this is where his palm hits his forehead as he exclaims, "Oh no, please tell me I'm not raising 'that girl'."

Oh, to be the father of a daughter. Completely different worries. He's been the teen aged boy that girls manipulated and played with... he's been on the other side of heartbreak. The side I can't see or ever know about. The boy side. I've had a few big heart breaks in my life - but I've never seen his side of that dance.

This parenthood thing? More every year I marvel at it and exponentially add to the statement, "This? Is going to be an interesting ride."