Friday, September 24, 2010


She's growing up!

Here is DD1 the day of her first Cotillion class. She loved her dress, and thought the white gloves were so fancy.

Here is her whole look. New dress for the occasion, and she was digging that her shoes had a bit of a heel. Also, she looks SO much like my mom in this picture - it's her smile!
It's always more fun when you do stuff like this with friends!

...and you can take the girl out of the play clothes, but the playful attitude doesn't really change!

She must have said a hundred times that she didn't want to take "etiquette classes," but she didn't realize that to learn social graces you get to go do social things. Need to learn party manners, introductions, and conversation? Their class was a party. Need to learn proper table manners? Lunch at the country club. Once that sunk in? We were golden, she was happy, and now she can't wait to go back! (October is a Sock Hop... know where I can find a poodle skirt?)


Martha said...

Too cute! Poodle skirt: check with Judy Lish. Seems I recall her girls sporting such items when they were about A's size. But seriously, when is the post about Vegas coming?

birdymunch said...

Ok I will pipe in with Martha.... Vegas please.

Colleen O said...

Rolling Hills did a sock hop every year and someone (mom/ptomember/teacher? can't remember, sorry) had a rocking poodle skirt selling business. You could ask Carol Clark? We made our own out of felt.
So was Vegas that good that you aren't gonna tell!?!

tz said...

okay do they have boys in the class. I so want to get jake into an etiquette class...even though he will never EVER forgrive me.