Thursday, January 6, 2011

Less than a week ago a child died after a year long battle with a brain tumor. He was a first grader at my children's school. I have found myself starting an entry about this on and off since I heard the news on Sunday. However, I keep finding myself wanting to rant about how I don't understand God's plan when something like this happens, and how as a mother I can't imagine dealing with this...

...but this isn't my story to tell. I didn't know this little boy except for minor interactions at school, and I don't know his family. I kept up with their news through a friend, and prayed for a miracle. We all did. Now I pray that God will give his family and friends the strength to get through this, to stay together and try to find one good things to hold on to and keep living. Them living through this will be a miracle. Not the one we all prayed for originally, but the one that needs to happen now.

Please join me in sending prayers for this family. God bless this family and give them comfort. Keep them safe, and love their little boy who is with you now. Please make sure something good can come from all of this, and walk with his family and friends while they need your strength and guidance. Amen.


Rumour Miller said...

How sad.

Jill K-f said...

We all love our own children a bit more when we hear of these tragedies! Sometimes, I think that is the only point, to have it so in your face, pointed out, that there, but for the Grace of God, go I.

A student at the boys' school went in for minor surgery, and never came out. I wept when I saw his last FB entry, about the only good thing about the surgery was two weeks off school. I hugged the boys, and talked to them about the importance of everyday!

Live with Love and Intention, each day!