Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thank you 5th grade, I needed a good laugh today...

Today was the day in 5th grade that the girls stayed behind in the classroom for their movies, while the boys were taken to the gym by a male teacher for their movies.

Hilarity ensues. See, they not only see the movies that talk about their own puberty experiences, but the movie about the opposite sex as well.

And this, my friends, is how my daughter learned the word "erection." She can say it with a straight face... I can't right now. I was hoping against all hope that the topic would come up over dinner tonight, just to make my husband super uncomfortable... and it wasn't happening on its own (which surprised me, because she was so excited to talk all about the movies in the car on the way home)- so I had to help it along a little.

Over chicken and mashed potatoes I said, "So, DD1, what did you do at school today?" DD1, "The boys had to go to the gym and we got to see the movies about what happens when you change. And Dad, we learned about boys erections and wet dreams." (I am hiding my face at this point, my shoulders shaking with laughter.) I quickly compose myself and say (choking back the laughter), "DD1, I'll bet Daddy would be willing to tuck you in tonight if you have any questions you'd like to ask him." They both look at me like I'm insane and I can't hold the laughter in any longer.

I love it when he squirms! Wait until she shows him the "goodie bag" she got, and starts explaining all the uses of panty liners to him! He'll be thrilled!!!


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nmiranda said...
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Martha said...

My 5th grader hasn't had "the talk" from school yet...but I"m getting loads of mileage out of telling him that "well, since I'm a school nurse, I think Mr. D. might like it if I come over as the guest speaker?"
Thing Two DIES almost as much as when I remind him the best perk of my job in a few years can be summarized in two words: "prom chaperone". Gotta find our laughs whenever and wherever opportunity presents itself!

ganelle said...

Sooo funny! I can still remember when #2 asked at the dinner table "So, HOW does the sperm get to the egg???" Dave about died! I proceeded to give him a thorough answer. All over tacos. :)

tz said...

Isaac told us he was going to adopt three kids and when we asked why he wasn't just going to have his own he said because he didn't know how....I wonder if he'll still want to adopt after that fifth grade talk

Jake will keep quiet and not say anythng to us...I might tease him too about ms martha coming in and doing the talk in his class as well...and calling on him for answers.