Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

I was actually unaware that TODAY was earth day, I guess I thought it was last Friday or something... but had several reminders this morning.

First Reminder was my seven year old daughter wrote a letter to our Gov., Bill Ritter. (While I was sleeping in... her dad told me she worked really hard on it.) What a smart girl she is. Her topic: that Walgreens was building too many stores, and destroying the bunny and prairie dog homes that were in the open spaces. She only blames Walgreens, mind you... not the 25 acre shopping mall that was built about 5 miles from our house, or all the new housing developments springing up all around us. Just Walgreens. Apparently they are the bad guys in this scenario - and the bunnies and prairie dogs would be thriving but for the drug store chain that does seem to be building a lot of locations too near to each other lately. I will, like a good mother, mail her letter off to the Mr. Ritter - and hope that he takes a minute to familiarize himself with how a first grader would improve the earth. (My apologies to Walgreens - I patronize them for all of our prescriptions so I would miss them if they went away. But, please realize that I must encourage my seven year old to fight for things she believes in.) (Also, I wonder if she is mixing up "Walgreens" with "Walmart", which she has overheard her father and I discuss on more than one occasion. If they weren't the only ones still carrying Dove Nutrium liquid body wash, I'm not sure we'd even step foot in one again.)

Second Reminder was at Soccer. One of the moms, who is hilarious btw, mentioned to me that she would not be a concerned citizen on Earth Day if she didn't point out that I should have brought my OWN cup to Starbucks for my latte today before the game. She's right, but it was only AFTER the caffeine kicked in that I realized it really was Earth Day.

Oh, and then this afternoon my dog threw up all over the front step of our house. Ewwww. There I was, out in the open for all to see, HOSING OFF THE PORCH, wasting water on Earth Day.

I vow to do better next year. I will at least try to remember my own cup for the Starbucks run!

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