Sunday, August 5, 2007

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Highlights of our Family Getaway

We were in cabins. Lovely little cabins with running water (hot and cold), indoor plumbing, and we didn’t have to sleep on the ground.

The horses that live on the property came to our door every morning to see if we had any carrots or apples we weren’t planning on eating. The girls were squee with excitement over this!

Our friends, J.S. and A.S. and their children were so much fun to hang out with I completely forgot I hate the out-of-doors! (Well, the wilderness out-of-doors anyway… I’m all for the neighborhood pool out-of-doors)

DD1 got completely soaked and muddy playing in the stream with our hosts daughter on our first afternoon and was darling in her happiness. She also likes to fish with her Daddy, and while DD2 isn’t ready for stream fishing yet she does like to pick wildflowers for her mom. DD1 and her dad finished a 5 mile hike together, and were muddy and laughing upon their return.

DD2 will go on a "nature walk" to pick wildflowers for mommy... but will NOT go on a "hike". It can be the exact same area that is being covered, but you must call it a walk, not a hike. Go figure.

Side trip to Pagosa Springs was wonderful. Our friends daughter had been on the TV show “What Not To Wear” earlier this year so we got to watch a DVD of her show. It was very funny to see. Also, my friend S.Mc. took me on a great tour of the town in her convertible BMW. Top down, beautiful summer day, charming mountain town… the only way to tour.

DD1 saying to my friend S.Mc. as she sprayed “White Diamonds” perfume, “Hey! I know what that smell reminds me of!! OFF BUG SPRAY!” (God, you have to love their innocence, don’t you?)

I can do without any more excessive time in the car this summer. Two long car trips are plenty. But, as usual, the girls were great travelers and it was great to get away from the stress of everyday life. Although, coming home to everyday life was fantastic (especially since my new Harry Potter was waiting on my kitchen table for me)… and to quote a more famous Dorothy: “There’s No Place Like Home!”

(Note: my real name is Dorothy. Just in case you didn’t already know that. It’s not something I advertise!)


Martha said...

The Things are also "walkers and explorers" NOT hikers...even though we are walking and exploring on the same path as the hikers. It is what makes them adorable AND quirky!

Dodi said...

Adorable and Quirky ROCK!

Colleen Dobson said...

We've been to "stinky town"! (Pagosa Springs.)

And where do you stay to have horseys come wake you up in the morning? I bet I could have my lazy ones jump out of bed for that!

tz said...

I personally enjoy meandering, and lolligallying....