Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I Predict

My friend sent me an email that we were supposed to fill in with our answer and then pass it on. Well, most of my friends (all what? 4 friends that I have?) usually hate to get these kinds of emails - and I do too. So, I thought I'd blog it. If you want to also blog it - the more the merrier.

What is it that you predict?

Seems like a broad question doesn't it? Well, my friend predicted that shoulder pads would be back in within 5 years. So, I guess they're not looking for something really deep and meaningful here... so I predict:

Stainless Steel Appliances are on their way out, in favor of newer more innovative metal finishes. Dark Bronze, Brushed nickel, etc. I think stainless has gone as far as it's going to go - and will go the way of avocado green in that it will say "early 21st century" like pink said "50's" and avocado green said "70's" Granite is also going - but will never disappear. Quartz is the big up and coming popular counter top treatment. Polished concrete may also become popular.

Not that any of this should mean anything to you. I hardly have a decorating degree, or great taste for that matter. It's just what "I predict..."

That's all. You can get back to your life now, and thanks for stopping by.

Big Love,


Martha said...

Thanks to your wise predictions, I'll just stick with my oh so very mid 90s look of black appliances. Can you re-assure me I'm not missing anything with the wood floor craze either?

tz said...

holy cow I'm about to invest a ton of money in stainless when we finish our new kitchen....It always happens, when I finally had enough babysitting money to buy an izod, polo was in and i just looked pathetic.

when shaina's done with her kitchen we must all look, she got a copper sink...it's purdy

Dodi said...

I am a big fan of copper!

Stainless isn't going away for a long time, it's just going to be less popular. (Remember, it's only a prediction - and I'm never actually one to be accused of having fine taste!) I'm a white appliance person - i just think white or black is the appliance "neutral" that I'm more comfortable with.

Colleen Dobson said...

copper! That's so Y2kX! (according to Dodi's prediction.) Shaina is the height of trend setter decor.