Monday, January 21, 2008

The Unauthorized Blog Review

OK, I received my Unauthorized Biography of Tom Cruise Mapother IV (aka Maverick) today. I think I'm going to blog as I go during the reading of this much looked forward to outing of the weirdness of a celebrity great. I feel in my heart that this book is worth so much more than the regular book review that I might normally write upon finishing the book.

Squee! I'm so excited!

Chapter One.
Oh help me Lord in Heaven! So far this book is dull.
So very dull I feel like this book may have been a huge waste of $11.00. Now, I am totally voyeuristic regarding celebrities lives, but this is ridiculous.
I'll struggle through the next few chapters just for the hell of it. Hopefully things pick up. So far all I know is he was sort of a dick in elementary and junior high school. I suppose I could have written that part myself.


Vanessa said...

And maybe he just carried that theme through his life and you can save some time and use that as compost material!

tz said...

so the weird cult thing didn't make him an ass, he's just an ass in a cult?

Martha said... tell me all the dirt, and I"ll buy the next cup of coffee. You know, I hate to read non-fiction stuff, but so want the inside scoop!

Sitting in Silence said...

This is great, keep on up dating and I will save myself the pain ha ha ....

P.S, Was that book only 11 bucks over there ?