Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cougar Crush

See? All it took was one really good snarky post and I feel like I'm back on the blogging wagon. Lindsay might be a train wreck, but it's like she's a go to girl when I'm feeling a little mean coming on. Is that wrong? (Don't answer that.)

Anyway, lets talk about Cougars for a moment. Not the animal, the women. I personally find this to be a ridiculous moniker - and so embarrassing for those to whom the word is applied. Finding out that you are attracted to a someone 10-15 years younger than yourself certainly isn't new. And it certainly shouldn't be NEWS. Do you know what they call a men who are attracted to someone significantly younger than themselves? Men. Women deserve better.

That said, even though I loathe the term "Cougar", I have to admit that I have a "Cougar Crush". I generally mock my friends who develop these crushes on young men - and now I shamefully join their ranks.

Do you watch GLEE? (If you are a facebook friend you already know how I adore this show.) There is a young man on that show that is so darling. His name is Mark Salling, and he plays Puck. A mean bully who has knocked up the head cheerleader - who also happens to be his best friend's girl. (Yes, I too had thought these story lines had been done to death, until I watched this show. Comes off as totally original, go figure.) LOVE this character.

To my friends, who I have mocked endlessly for their love of Zac and Corbin...well, I will never apologize for that - because I still find those crushes to be completely ridiculous. But now you can openly mock me in return. I GLEEfully acquiesce.


Aimee said...

Let the cougaring begin!!!

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