Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Not Martha Stewart

Suppose ole Martha ever suffered a blistered finger from boiling caramel just to see her daughter smile? I have it in my head that she is above that... not that she wouldn't make a caramel apple to see her daughter smile - quite the opposite. I'm betting her daughter practically got sick on all the goodies her mom made for her. No, I'm betting she never ended up with a blister from that stupid, sticky, hot caramel that leaps out at you as you are dipping the apples.

It really is much trickier than you might think.

Also, Martha's apples look like this:

Ours? Well, these are ours:

To quote a famous fun loving chef - Bon Appétit!


Mrs. Kravitz said...

Yum! You're a good mom -- willing to sacrifice your finger for the joy of your daughters! (Not that they get joy from seeing you suffer... that won't come for a few more years!) I think yours look just as good as Martha's, all you need is a piece of parchment! :)

OHN said...

I am guessing that Marthas photo wasn't taken from the first batch :)

Yours look every bit as yummy!!

Vanessa said...

I think yours look great! They are more real and I get suspicious when things are too perfect.

Aimee said...

I concur with the rest of the comments. Yours look good enough to eat (ha ha). Plus, you didn't have to have a prison guard delivery them. Oh wait, that joke's been done huh???