Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jen Lancaster

Jen Lancaster is by far one of my favorite "new" authors. I've been a fan since "Snarkywood", follow her blog, and own all 4 of her books. She has a new book coming out soon, "My Fair Lazy," and now she's a NEWSPAPER COLUMNIST!!! (Not in our newspaper, of course, which is where the internet comes in super handy.)

I am sitting on like 5 blog entries that aren't good enough to publish - because now I've over thought them and they're not at all spontaneous. So, until I get my act together and become spontaneous (Really? Is that something you can plan?) I give you:

Humor Hotel
Don't Blame Mii, Japan
by Jen Lancaster

( can thank me in the comments.)
(I feel like such a proud fan!)


Mrs. Kravitz said...

She is so funny! Thanks for giving me something to laugh about today. (The toddler tantrum and coinciding potty training accidents won't be laughable for a few months at least.) :)

Aimee said...

I am so glad you blogged about her book "Such A Pretty Fat". I have turned a couple of my other friends on to her. Can't wait for her new book. I do need to check out her bog though!!!