Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blowin in the Wind

Wow, it's windy out there today. The local news webpage said today would be "breezy at times." Really? Because wind gusts upwards of 45mph feel more than "breezy" to me.

And to our house.

Did you feel the wind last night? Because you didn't have to be outside to feel it. The wind gusts hitting the back of our house last night howled around the corners, and we could feel the house actually moving back and forth. It was loud, and it was powerful.

The wind was so powerful it carried my seven year old from her bed to mine - where it placed her down so gently that I didn't even know she was there until she was already fast asleep again. When I hugged her in tight, I held her and listened to the wind outside - and I was so glad it had carried her in to me.

(...at which point I was also so very glad of our decision 10 years ago to buy a king sized bed!)


Aimee said...

I couldn't believe how bad it was last night. Andrew was not happy about it!!!

ganelle said...

It was pretty loud down here too, but we just BARELY upgraded to the king. Good thing you figured that out so many years before me!