Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gleek post

Is it just me, or did Glee disappoint last night?

The whole thing felt like it should have been advertised as, "A very special episode of Blossom." Perhaps, "an episode your family can't afford to miss."


I watch Glee for its teen angst, its camp, its superb writing and over developed characters. I do not watch Glee for a morality lesson. I really don't want Glee to be a show I want to start watching with my kids, because they can get something out of it. (I sort of like having a semi-trashy show that my kids cannot share. Yes, it's selfish. I own that.)

Glee? Strike One.


Rumour Miller said...

But Jessie's Girl tonight! That was great!

Dodi said...

Jessie's Girl was the best!!!!