Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My daughter... roughing it?

Just got back from dropping DD1 off at camp. Girl Scout Camp, seems innocent enough right? Where they sleep in bunk beds in cozy cabins with a bathroom down the hall. Even the "indoorsy" type of girl can handle Girl Scout Camp - it's hardly "rustic". Totally do-able for my DD1, who didn't even remotely inherit the love-of-the-outdoors gene from her daddy.

Yea, that's what I thought too.

Turns out when you are an "older" girl (4th grade on upwards), it's not so much a "cabin camping" experience as it is a "backwoods camping" experience.

Behold where my daughter, who really doesn't even like to sleep with the window open, will be laying her head down tonight:

...and here is a glimpse of the luxurious bathroom accommodations she'll obviously be sharing with a fellow camper - since that looks like a two seater to me:

...and where will she be washing her hands after using the "biffy", as they call it? Where will she be brushing her teeth? Funny you should ask... because here is the lovely vanity area:

The mess hall, shower, nurse, craft cabin are all (I kid you not) about 1/2 a mile down a steep, winding hill. It was a hike to get up that hill to the cabins, and she gets to do that walk several times in the few days. (We pick her up at 5pm on Friday.)

And I thought her biggest hurdle regarding this camping trip was going to be her morbid fear of insects. Boy, will that be low on her list!

She's back Friday, and she's an all or nothing girl - she'll either LOVE it, or HATE it. I'll let you know!


Anonymous said...

I think they must make them all look looks EXACTLY like the GS camp I went to. She will have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it....esp when it is her turn to clean the latrine! :)

Coach Balagna said...

I was laughing out loud while reading the latest. You know, there was one daughter who just LOVED the above and one that DID NOT. Can you guess? I can't wait to hear the outcome.

Mrs. Kravitz said...

Anxiously awaiting the report! :) Think of all the character she's building this week!

Sandaili said...

Exactly like the one I went to - we had a giant spider named "Freddy" whom the couneselors told US to remove (he was the size of a dinner plate), a raccoon came in and ate everyone's toothpaste, and when it rained, we had to bring a mattress from the tent to the mess hall to watch movies on. I was youngest and bullied into it being MY mattess so it was wet all night even when flipping it over.

Girl Scout camp is just like the Army for kids IMO...unless you're a Brownie and you actually sleep indoors.

Ah, the memories!