Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a difference a school year makes!

First day - Last day
School year 2009/2010

Look what happens when you don't stop to notice them growing up! I can't believe the year is over - there were times I thought it would never end... and here we are again: POOL SEASON!


Mrs. Kravitz said...

So cute! They have both grown up a lot, but I'm especially struck with how much more grown up (and taller, too) DD1 is. Ready for the big 5th grade year, I think! They are both darling!

birdymunch said...

Amazing the change in your beautiful girls. I must warn you that these pictures are bittersweet as I look at my shelf of 'Mothers Day' photos.

Colleen O said...

They are at such a fun age right now! And mine seem to appreciate it too - they tell me all the time the wish they could freeze time, or go back alittle. (Tell me about it girls!)
See ya at the pool.