Monday, March 28, 2011

Putting Mother Nature on notice

Today is official DAY 1: Spring Break 2011. I have a tan - in MARCH. I am ready for some nice weather, Spring Fever was implanted in my brain during recent trip to beautiful tropical island, and I woke up today fully expecting to see crocus popping out of the ground and daffodils about to bloom. Springtime magic. Right. Mother Nature, it seems, did not get the memo. I hate to be the one to ALWAYS complain, but when I woke up today to this, I got a little mad:

Because really? I know I live in Colorado, and we won't be done with snow until May, possibly June... but DAY 1 of Spring Break? Really? It hasn't snowed in forever... today seemed like the best possible day to remind us that Springtime in the Rockies doesn't mean shorts and flowers and warmth?



Martha said...

Yes, but have you looked outside now? Sun is out and it has just about melted. It'll be ok...honest!

tz said...

I have my windows open! it's great now...because that's spring in the Rockies!

Kate said...

Problem solved......move to Atlanta!

Colleen O said...

It's moisture! Love it!

And poor super whitey's like me aren't allowed tans anymore. (Said with much jealousy)