Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thats some good parenting right there...

So, my eight year old daughter (DD2) is in a particularly whiny phase of life right now. And when I say that, please imagine the most irritating, whiny child you can imagine and multiply by two. It's bad.

We've been wondering how to handle this - we haven't quite found her "currency" yet... sending her to her room and other simple punishments aren't working so well. We've threatened to video tape her, she hates that idea. We've also told her we're more than willing to take her to school in her pj's - but she pretty much knows we're bluffing on that. However, our voices are starting to sound like we've been at too many very exciting sporting events from all the yelling we've been doing around here, and we hate the thought of starting off the day with a swat on the bum to try and stop the behavior.

This morning? She had a total tantrum. ROLLING on the floor of the landing, screaming at her sister every time she saw her face, yelling at the dog for walking by... much like the last five years of her life had never happened at all.

What set her off?

She wanted me to pick out her clothes for her. Again. Another habit I'm trying to break - as at 8 years old she's old enough to pick out her own clothes - especially since she hates what I pick out! Trying to head off a whiny start to the day I ended up picking out some jeans and a t-shirt which she HATED, and thus the drama began.

So, what does a good, caring, loving, supportive mom do at that point?

She grabs her iTouch and FILMS HER having a tantrum.

You thought she was mad before that point? It was like a volcano went off. She tried the "paparazzi hand over the camera" move, then she flew to her room and slammed her door. At which point all I had to say was, "Now, if you don't pull yourself together and either wear the outfit I picked out or find one you like better, I'm going to email this video to your teacher."

10 minutes later she was dressed. She hated me, but she was dressed.

Trust me, iTouch is at the ready from now until this phase ends. Turns out that was her currency all along. (I almost can't wait for the next time I have the chance to say, "Oh hold that pose so I can get the video camera ready!")

I know, I know... it's not exactly Love and Logic, and Dr. Phil's audience would probably boo me. But I think I just found a new "perk" of parenting.


Glo Ochoa said...

Ohh...that's great! My "currency" was to take my phone away...the phone I paid to have installed and the phone I paid for every month with my own babysitting money. And trust me...I was never late to pay it either! First time it was late, I was told the phone would go. Horrible...just horrible!!!

Rumour Miller said...

I knew I liked you!

elise said...

...And it's a 'blessing' to have a girl? I'm truly terrified that this baby coming is a girl! Maybe I shouldn't read your posts until I need the advice! ;) Love the honesty!

Jill K-F said...

Priceless - just be sure to SAVE the videos in a secure spot where they can't be erased. Could be useful later on...and maybe not until she is complaining about HER daughter!

Kate said...

I actually WILL put my whiney girl in the car without clothes! Her currency will be having her friends see her naked! trust me when I say I will secretly enjoy the fact that she won't pull that stunt again!

tz said...

well it sound loving and logical to me :D let's write a parenting book together!

Rae Ann said...

I did the same thing to Z! Well, not video, but I recorded her on my phone and played it back to her. I was tempted to use it for a ring tone!