Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Another goodbye...

Last week my Aunt Dorothy left this life.
Tonight was her rosary.
Tomorrow we formally say goodbye.

She was my mother's youngest sister, and one of three people I was named after.

My Aunt Dorothy was a "fixer". Whereas some people meddle where they don't belong, my Aunt Dorothy was one to hop in a help fix a problem... knowing that she always belonged. She just did.

When Husband and I wanted to get married outside of the Catholic Church my parents did not take the news well. (One of the many problems being that Husband hadn't been granted his annulment yet, and the Canon Lawyer wasn't trying to hurry the process along any.) Aunt Dorothy, bless her heart, was there with a solution so my parents and I didn't kill each other. She called me up and arranged for Husband and I to meet her friend, Deacon Mike, who counseled us and helped us through the situation. While it didn't completely solve the problem for my parents, it did help us get through the wedding, and for that I will always be grateful.

I had a session with my therapist the day my Aunt passed away. (My standing appointment) She asked me if my Aunt and I were close, and I said "yes, yes we were," and then I paused. "Of course, if I were to be completely honest with you, anyone that knew her would answer that question the same way. Everyone she ever met, I think, thought they were close with her. That was one of the things that was so amazing about her."

My Aunt was one of the most loving women in the world, and one of the most loved in return. I wish I was more like her, she was a giver. She loved, she cared, she counseled, she befriended, she prayed... and she made a difference.

Would that everyone who has ever lived make such a difference as my Aunt Dorothy. The world would be a much better place.

I will miss you, but I know you are in a better place - with your brothers and sisters, your husband, your parents, and so many others who your life has touched... I'm guessing it was one of the biggest Welcome Home parties heaven has ever seen. I imagine the hugging alone took hours. Someday I will see you again - healthy, happy, and glowing with the love that is you.

I love you.
I will miss knowing you are here.
I will pray for your family, because to lose you is huge.
You were truly one of a kind - in the best way possible. I am very lucky to have your name, I hope someday I can do it justice.

Goodbye. For now.


tz said...

oh dodi, i am so sorry about your aunt, she sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

Dodi said...

She was!!!

Rae Ann said...

Your aunt sounds lovely. I am sure she was proud that you shared her name. I'm sorry for your loss.