Thursday, July 7, 2011

She's got me thinking...

DD1 heads to "middle school" this August. She goes back and forth on being excited. She's looking forward to meeting new people, is nervous about how hard it might be to stay organized and get good grades, and has already told me that I may never have to pack her a lunch again as they have so much variety to choose from.

But, when you ask her what she's looking forward to most??
"School dances."

Because while she knows that she isn't old enough to have a "boyfriend" yet (house rules, age 15), she knows that dancing with a boy wouldn't be off limits - and that is about as close to one as she will get for another few years.

If I have anything to say about it.
And exactly WHO do I think I'm kidding about that?

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tz said...

but isn't it nice that they still think you do have something to say about that right now? I love it when my kids still make decisions based on what I want them to do...this will be short lived so I'm enjoying it very much!