Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Off to camp!

....and by "camp" I don't mean the kind where mom and dad send the kids off for 10-14 days of wilderness experience while we stay at home having romantic dinners and such. Oh no. We are going camping as a family adventure. (Because, and those of you who know me can vouch for me here, I am ALL ABOUT the outdoors! Not.) I'm talking about the kind of camping where we go without showers for 4 days, have a wee bit of suspicious "crunchy" in our food (which really bother me in the eggs, but not as much in the burgers. Go figure.), and instead of perfume we all smell like bug spray for the entire outing.

At least husband will be doing the cooking. He fancies himself as quite the camper / fisherman.

We will be in cabins, so this is a plus. However, the cabins have mice, which is a minus. But the mice are pretty cute, plus. They only come out at night, neutral. They are noisy at night, minus. The cabins are charming, plus. They have electricity and running water, plus. We are going with a family that I really really like, plus.

We haven't been camping in two years. The girls are two years older, and should be easier this time, right?

I'll let you know.

We'll be back next Thursday. (We're taking a little side trip to see friends in the mountains after the camping trip... which explains the extra days.)

Have a great weekend. I'll be thinking of you all taking showers and staying clean. (And, believe me, some of you come off better in this mental picture than others!)

Adventures await us! Let's fish!


Martha said...

Happy Trails to you. Vacationing with people you truly enjoy makes it a triple plus so you should be ok. And with electricity to boot: you can weather most child meltdowns with access to a portable DVD player!

Catch you on the return journey!

Colleen Dobson said...

What's so fun about camping?

It feels SO GOOD when you stop!

tz said...

have a great time!
it is good bonding time with family and friends and that's a plus plus!

Aimee said...

Have a great time camping. I'm not a camping type girl either. My favorite in line the "Camp Beverly Hills" is: "One bathroom and 9 people, that's what I call roughing it." I like camping in a hotel with room service and a buffet.