Sunday, July 1, 2007

Are you sitting down?

...because he left her. HE LEFT HER. Three weeks in to their marriage and he left her.

Who does that? What kind of sick man is he?

I'll have the whole story when I get back. I'm off to TX tomorrow morning to see my friend and dry her tears the best that I can. My amazing husband is insisting that I go - what a wonderful man I am married to. Why sometimes does it take something so very shocking and sad to make me look at my life and completely appreciate how lucky I am? I have an amazing life. There is more love and goodness in my life than I would have ever thought possible... and starting today I'm going to be taking time out each day to thank the Lord that he has brought me to such a wonderful life.

HE LEFT HER. Who does that? I know, I'm repeating myself. But this is horrifying and shocking and wrong.

P.S. She said she's going to write a book called, "When the wedding pedicure lasts longer than the marriage." I think she's brilliant! Keep her in your thoughts. I'll be back Friday or Saturday. Love you all, appreciate you all, and be sure to thank God today for our blessed lives.


Martha said...

OMG! I just read the email with the jokes and was fixing to tell you that with that shared sense of humor, your marriage is as solid as they come. And, now with JM's response to your friend in crisis, well...I know that I"m right on this one. You (and me), well we found ourselves some of the few remaining good guys.

Can I just say SHIT? that's about all I can think of right now...

Dodi said...

It's shocking, yes! When I first wrote the blog entry it was full of "f" bombs - but I cleaned it up. Seemed wrong to bring such profane words in to an already profane situation.

We did find two of the good ones (husbands that is), and I love him more than I ever thought possible. (Mine, not yours... although I'm sure he's very loveable also!)

Talk to you very soon.

tz said...

OMG, wow
Don't know the woman and want to go with you to TX and hug her.

ok, you can't help but repeat yourself.

And yes, brilliant title for a book.

And if jason hadn't left for work at 530 this morning so he could take the day off and spend some quality birthday time w/ our oldest I would hug him.


Colleen Dobson said...

Unbelievable - I have a friend in town whose current world view is "why can I keep the bad ones around for 8 to 12 years, but the good one for less that 8 months?" . . .Yes, let's all go hug the hubs!

I 'm glad you can be there for your friend Dodi, because that's messed up!

Colleen Dobson said...

AND, I hope there's some Texas-hard-ass law making him reimburse her for every penny wasted on him; AND he should have to wear a neck sign declaring his faults for at least a year. . .