Friday, July 13, 2007

Sometimes I just browse

I admit, I fancy that in another life I might have been a photographer. (I also sometimes fancy that in another life I may have been royalty - and this is the reason I find my middle class existance barely tolerable... but that really would be another blog entirely.) Sometime I just go out and browse photo websites to see what is out there. I used to do this and then send my friend some of the photos that I had found with my own captions. Well, before I clean out the "my picture" file of my laptop (memory is crucial, you realize) I thought I'd share some old finds with you all. See if you agree with my opinions. If not, lets discuss.

I'm guessing that the church that sponsored these two might want to pay attention to the cafe in the background before printing in the "Merry Missionary Update" section of the newsletter.

Possibly that greatest "Yo Mama..." comeback in history.

REALLY wish I had been there the evening they found it was necessary to post this sign.

I so easily could have thought this one up. It hardly seems fair that someone got the idea first, right?

Ahhh, yes. I've been at that crossroads myself. (I have an Art Degree, so you could say I never ACTUALLY made a firm decision on this...)

Uhhhh, think those are real?
(Ewwwwwwwwwwww is just not strong enough!)


Hey, sorry about that last one. Shock and Awe got the best of me.


Amanda said...

That last one? GACK!!!

tz said...

wow, those are funny!
and yes, my creative writing major, also made with the same amount of thought and effort...???

Martha said...

Ok, I can now admit this was one occasion where the sight of an aging man in a speedo was NOT the most EWWW feature of the photo. The old chick with the tatas? Now there is a rack not worth saving! :)

Colleen Dobson said...

You know, bikinis where meant for the first couple - maybe few decades of life. After that, I don't care how skinny you are, or how big your fake rack is. . . you still shouldn't wear one.

Maybe there should be a law, since more and more people seem to be ignoring that little common sense voice inside their head.