Sunday, September 16, 2007

All Ages Admited

Apparently it is now OK to expose any one of any age to the words "nude", "bitches", and "f**k", because my blog got a G rating.
Also OK? Governmental Conspiracy Theories and the knowledge that Santa isn't real.
Feel free to let your emergent reader have a go - I'm G Rated!


Martha said...

Must not include the comment section because that's where all the naughty stuff gets said, eh?

Dodi said...

Whoa - it's not like this is Aimee's blog or anything!!!

Aimee said...

I KNOW that I would not be G-rated. Personally, I'm G-rated, it's the thinking and typing that's not.

tz said...

OMG i got on the website and i'm pg-13 hahahah
because of nursing diagnosis for a pregnant crack ho skank

and i'm such a g rated kinda gal too for the most part, i mean i AM BARB