Friday, July 10, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to decorating the bedroom...

Because y'all thought I'd be ON that by now, right? I have the bedding, I even have the bed. I need to get some stuff from the container store for turning her shelving unit in to a desk unit, remove the Pooh wall border, and make a stop at the paint store... but the Ipod docking station is bought by golly!

HOWEVER... before I decorate that room, I have to empty the closet that I've been storing things in since the girls were babies. (It was the nursery - and what newborn needs an entire closet? Half of it is taken up with storage... well more like 3/4.) I cannot leave my stuff there, as when you are nine you can easily fill an entire closet with your wardrobe.

Whats that you say? Move the stuff to the basement?

Therein lies a problem.

When we moved in, the basement was were we put boxes we would "get to later." During the nine years we've lived here the basement has been were we stored things, dumped stuff we had no place for, and where I'd lug tubs of "stuff" after a big cleanup. The desk with my main computer is down there, my photography stuff is down there, and the washer and dryer are down there. My friend, SA, has some stuff stored in our basement too, as she was already living in TX when her condo was sold. The extra stuff ended up in our basement. There was literally NO MORE ROOM for anything else.

So, on Monday night I started to sort. By Tuesday night we had several bags of trash (lawn and leaf size), lots of empty boxes, and a small Goodwill pile. By Wednesday night I had 5 more bags of trash, way too many more empty boxes, and a much larger Goodwill pile. Things that I need to work on AFTER I finish the initial sort would be the entire bin of pictures collected from about 15 different locations around the basement, a huge amount of stuff for Husband to keep or toss (technical stuff, mostly obsolete - but that isn't a decision I'll make), cables... hundreds of assorted cables, my grandmother's dishes all sorted out and stacked, one large box of mildewed bedding that I swear I have never seen before (Husband's from before I even knew him I think and I think it's headed for the dump), an entire copy paper box full of stuff to shred, and a drafting table that I haven't used since college but have moved to 6 different locations since graduating.

I am about halfway through the main room. This does not count the storage under the stairs that I am not dealing with at this time.

Hopefully I will be done with this unexpected "project" by Saturday.
Then I can start on the bedroom.

So, in essence, part of decorating my daughter's new bedroom is cleaning out the basement. Don't you hate it when that happens?


Dawn Maria said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Reading your post isn't motivating me to tackle my own house projects! Of course, if I wasn't motivated before it really isn't fair to blame you. =)

Good luck and I hope you finish. That's such a great feeling isn't it?

Sitting In Silence said...

I Totally hate it, but the upside is you feel sooooooooooo much better when it's done !