Monday, July 6, 2009

Why your children shouldn't read "fantasy" genre books...

I blame Harry Potter.

Today DD2 wanted a powdered sugar donut for breakfast (luckily we had a couple of donettes on hand, leftover from the weekend). She's happily eating a donut while I was making her sister some peanut butter toast.

Then all hell broke loose. I didn't hear the first sentence... because I'm trying to set a personal best for time spent ignoring my children this Summer, and I pretty much zone them out unless they are loud.*

DD2 (screeching): "Don't you ever say that to me again!"

DD1 (defensively, and loudly): "You DO have powdered sugar on your face! Mom! (DD2) has POWDERED SUGAR ALL OVER HER FACE!" (Wait, thinks mom, why are they fighting about that? I'm going to give them a moment... see where this takes us.)

DD2 (still screeching, not sure why): "YOU are going to have PEANUT BUTTER all over your face!"

DD1 (comes to a sudden halt, and begins practically hyperventilating): "MOM!!!! (DD2) is making PROPHECIES in the kitchen!! And you know no good can come of that!"

Suddenly we don't have predictions or obnoxious come-backs, we have prophecies. Her sister is now Sybil Trelawney and DD1 is the chosen one to bear nut butter on her face. This? Is my life.

(*This comment? Was a JOKE.)


tz said...

oooh does she have anything to say about NCLEX tomorrow?

when our kiddos marry each other we are going to have the most entertaining time w/ them and our hilariously funny grandkids!

Martha said...

Of course you were joking about ignoring them until they are loud. We both know the truth is: we ignore them until there is blood and missing limbs. Anything short of that? We try to ignore...

A prophecy eh?
Perhaps she's been to Juniper Creek?

ganelle said...

So you live with a prophetess??? Can she see into the stock market's future? 'Cause I'd really like to make some money back!

Dodi said...

She hasn't said anything about NCLEX or the Stock Market... her visions seem to be limited to things that might humiliate her sister. Go figure.

I do "zone them out"! Problem is, it isn't intentional!