Thursday, July 9, 2009

Great New Book!

If you ever check the lists to the right, you'll see some of the blogs I follow. One of them is the QC Report, which I cannot recommend highly enough. Entertaining, well written, sometimes cerebral, honest, and funny. This is the blog of Quinn Cummings: Academy Award nominated actor, longtime Hollywood participant, and now a full time mom and inventor. When I heard she was writing a book, I waited until had it for pre-order and signed up. I received the book yesterday ("Notes from the Underwire, adventures from my awkward and lovely life"), and it does not disappoint! (I'm restraining myself to read it slowly... one or two chapters at a time and then force myself to put it down so I don't read through it too quickly - it's that good.) It's not a book about her Hollywood adventures, although they do not completely escape mention, but a book in which "she tackles the domestic and the delightfully absurd." If you're looking for celebrity snark? It isn't here. (Which I DID know before I purchased, btw!)

On her blog, Quinn opened herself up to questions in exchange for a blurb on that individual's website. Since I'd recommend her blog (and now book) to anyone without her doing such a thing, and you all know how nosy I am... well, I couldn't resist.

My question appeared on her blog today. I've cut and pasted it below - but you should really link over and read through her blog. You'll love it!

P.S. My question won't surprise any of you who have heard me rant about young Hollywood behavior! (example here)


It's a Dodi's Life asks:
Knowing what you know about the Hollywood lifestyle (from being a child star and later a casting agent), and seeing how some of the young actors Hollywood are tempted with excess, what would you say to your daughter if she asked if she could go into acting?

QC Report: If she couldn't breathe right unless she was acting, if you peeled apart her mitochondria and found "Performer" writ there, I'd still be very hesitant. I had a rock-solid upbringing and my mother didn't confuse me with an ATM and I still consider myself damn lucky I got out intact. Fortunately, I believe my daughter has other paths drawing her.
posted by Quinn Cummings at 10:12 PM

Thank you, Quinn!


SharonK said...

Thanks for sharing this, I also had the opportunity to chat with Quinn. Highly recommend her book!

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