Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why do I heart the internet?

Right now I'm seething after a phone call from our vet's office. We ended up getting overcharged by $116 because of an accounting error that the "gentleman" at the front desk wouldn't acknowledge upon checkout (as I'm trying to juggle a dog who is bleeding from the mouth, listen to post op instructions and medication dosages). He told me I'd have to call the next day to work it out.

Over the last two days I've had to talk to three people in their accounting department to get them to give us a credit. They never did admit a mistake, but when I told them I'd scan the bills and payment records and put them on the internet to expose their accounting practices, they said in the interest of keeping me as a customer they'd credit the money. Right now? I LOVE the internet. Because the internet is WAY more than word of mouth complaining. That kind of stuff can go viral - and trust me, I'd work my behind off to get it there. (They actually did make a mistake, why can't they admit it and just be cool?)

However, after this dental ordeal is over I think it's time to change Veterinary offices. There has to be an office that is more customer oriented, right?

And, if that credit isn't in my account by Monday? I'm posting it all right here.

UPDATE: The vets office made good on their word - a credit for $116 hit our bank today. Know what else? My car broke down (again), and the dealer fixed it for FREE because it was something they should have caught last time it was in (a month ago). All of the sudden it pays to be a consumer!


Rumour Miller said...

I heart the internet too!

ganelle said...

Don't they know not to mess with you???

Mrs. Kravitz said...

You go girl!