Saturday, October 2, 2010

Christmas Card Design Idea 2010

Never too early to think about our Christmas Card design, right? I love to have a picture of the kids, or the whole family on the front - exuding happiness and holiday joy. It's the inside greeting I usually have a hard time with... I hate to get too repetitive, and I'd like it to be original each year.

So, when this showed up on Dooce's site (as pointed out by Mrs. Nielson), I knew I might have the answer to this years question, "'Season's Greetings' seems so over done. What can I say that would REALLY let people know how I really feel?"

I feel like this sentiment from artist Mike Monteiro sums it up perfectly:

Because really? I probably did. (I wonder if he does licensing agreements for short runs of greeting cards?)

(To see more of his work FOLLOW THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. And then check out the other artists in the right hand column on the site. All that amazing artwork is for sale. Awesome.)

See, now you're anxiously awaiting our holiday greeting card.

And December is a LONG way off!



Rae Ann said...

Great minds think alike! I became obsessed with our Christmas card design this week, too. I put in many hours - to the detriment of my household duties! But the card is awesome. That counts for something, right?

ganelle said...

Last year Vern sent out: "I'm getting fat. Cory's going bald. Our kids are average."

I still laugh about it.

tz said...

oh i'm so stealing vern's...i've read her blog a couple times via ganelle and kind of wish i knew her

this all reminds me dodi, i so need you over here to take the kid's pictures...but first i must find outfits that say festive but not dorky

Vern said...

I've been wondering how to top last year's - this is just what I needed!

Dodi said...

I think I'm stealing Vern's too, and Tracey and I don't have too much overlap on our lists.

ganelle said...

TZ: you DO so wish you knew her. You guys would crack eachother up!

Rumour Miller said...

I am thinking about mine too!