Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Middle School

I will admit, I was worried. I thought about her the entire day yesterday. Husband drove her to school (the first time I had EVER relinquished that duty, First Day is a big deal) on the grounds that the last image in her head before she entered the new school should NOT be of her mother sobbing. I had to agree, perhaps not the confidence boost she needed.

So he did the deed. Drove her to school, dropped her off, and DROVE AWAY. Like it was an ordinary day.

It was a long day. I spent the day with a friend to help pass the time. Mani/pedi/lunch/shopping... time for pickup!!!! I was waiting with baited breath (and some new clothes I couldn't help buying for her) as she bounced over to the car, announcing "This was the best first day of middle school EVER!" She liked her classes, she didn't have a problem finding anything - except her bff at lunch time. That didn't go so well... but she did end up finding some kids from her elementary school to eat lunch with.

After we picked up little sister from the elementary school we decided to go sign DD1 up for classes at her new dance academy. While we were there she and another girl pointed at each other, smiled, and said, "Hey!" Seems it was the girl that sat next to her in Science, and they immediately started chatting. Her mother was very nice, and DD1 and new friend will be in tap class together. Squeal from both girls, huge smile and sigh of relief from both mothers.

Today she managed to find bff for lunch together, and liked her teachers even more today than yesterday. There is a cute boy sitting behind her in Spanish, and she found out she gets to make something from sheet metal in "Technology"... so she's sooooo excited.

Turns out the most difficult thing about middle school so far?
Finding time to use the restroom.
SO not the conversation I thought we'd be having, but Thank the Lord this is the most difficult thing so far this week!!!

She's happy.
I'm happy that she's happy.
It's all I want.


Rumour Miller said...


So what you are telling me is that this doesn't get easier?

I'll be the same way when Piper goes off to Kindergarten in a few weeks. She has two little friends that she knows, thank goodness.

PIcklejuice said...

Perfectly perfect. Love it!!

Jen said...

Hooray! I'm so glad that it's going well so far. It's amazing how much harder it is for the parents than for the kids.

ganelle said...

Great post. I'm so glad you both had a gods first day!

tz said...

yay...I want to squeal and grab your hands and do a happy dance!