Friday, January 26, 2007


How utterly suburban... playgroup. Tragically suburban in fact. And, since I am a cliche stay at home mom (minivan, two children, prozac, etc.) I have been a part of a neighborhood playgroup for several years now - until this past Autumn. Too many of the kids in school now, only a few little ones left. Time to move on to the next chapter of stay at home mom life, right?

No. What about us mommies? Wasn't playgroup mostly for us? Sure, our kids liked each other, and hopefully have made "life long" friends in the most literal sense of the word; but it's us moms that needed each other most. Kids can make a new best friend in 35 minutes at the playground. Mom's are a little more particular. I know I am lucky to have found nine women through my neighborhood that I not only like, but actually love. I have shared something with these women that has changed my life - the very beginnings of my daughters' childhoods. A couple of the moms / families have moved away, "replaced" with new neighbors. (Replaced isn't really the right word... but I can't find one that means what I am trying to say.)

I had the mom's over again today. It's been a very long time since we gathered, and it was nice to see them, it was familliar, it was cozy. I was - for two hours - completely comfortable and it was so nice to laugh with people who know me so well. They know me, they look out for me, I can call them if I have trouble... and I would do anything for any one of them if they needed my help. How many people have this? Not enough, I fear, or the world would be a much cozier, peaceful place.

I don't see them much anymore, sadly, but they are only a "playgroup" away.

Long live the suburban cliche! I cannot imagine not living it.

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