Friday, December 21, 2007

Because I know you all have a lot of time to waste this time of year...

I'm going to post several things you should look at this Christmas season!

THIS is very cute, especially if you like Hippos!

HERE is a little Snowball fight starring the Morrisons!

THIS link might have been helpful to Jaime Lynn Spears about 4 months ago!

If you were a crappy Christmas gift, what would you be? Click HERE to find out!

Feeling stupid? THIS probably won't help!

Want (Need?) your kids to be quiet for five minutes? Clicking HERE may give you some resources to help!

Want (Need?) another five minutes? THIS could be fun for them!

Need to doodle? HERE you go!

Want to kick some ass next time you play Trivial Pursuit? THIS is your ticket!

OK, so unless Dakota Fanning gets pregnant and OK Magazine pays her a MILLION DOLLARS for her story, I probably won't be blogging until after Christmas. I will, however, be reading blogs when I'm bored... so keep updating yours!

Joyeux Noel!

1 comment:

Colleen Dobson said... - that's a fun one too.

So do you think she was just dieing to steal the spotlight from her sister? I suppose that would require thought, so probably not...

Actually, I just recently realized there are 2 of them, and then that it's baby sis- the disney sitcom one - that's knocked up. Amazing that the lousy mom didn't have at least one or both of them on the pill. That's a special kind of stupid.

I just hope Hanhah Montana can keep herself together long enough for my daughter to move on to real music.