Friday, December 7, 2007

The Conversation in which I am no longer Caucasian

DD2 and I were getting the stuff out to start our Christmas card mailing, and she spotted our return address labels. (Here is the link in case you want to order some for yourselves.) Anyway, she is looking at the label and points to the depiction of me.

DD2: “You’re white here.”

Me: “Yes. I’m white there.” (What?)

DD2: “Why are you white here?”

Me: “Honey, are you white in real life?”

DD2: “Yes.”

Me: “Is Daddy white?”

DD2: “Yes.”

Me: “Is your sister white?”

DD2: “Yes.”

Me: “Well, what color is mommy in real life?”

DD2: (in a voice that is so very casual and matter-of-fact) “You’re BROWN.”

DH and I always wanted to raise children who were basically “blind” to people being different on the outside from each other. It's what is inside a person that counts. I’d have to say mission accomplished… sort of.


Martha said...

And yet my bi-racial kid thinks he's white too. Which I guess he is since I don't think it is PC to call them "yellow" anymore is it? (isn't that what we grew up calling the Asian kids? Or, am I showing the world my ignorant, trailer parking midwestern racist upbringing?)

Sitting in Silence said...

LOL....the words of babes....

tz said...

hahaha, oh, does that make you a you want to be part of the club?