Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's Wednesday! Here comes the Project Runway Recap!

Tim is going to take them out tonight. (If this was Top Chef they’d end up cooking for some neighborhood festival.) Tim showed up in a rain coat, so all the contestants are in rain ponchos. (Hip! Not.) Their destination is a double decker bus. The challenge is to design a look for going out in NY at Night inspired by a tour of NY. (Cheese.) I think in season one they had to do an outfit inspired by the city. Sadly it seems they have run out of ideas.

Stella can’t work her camera. Probably because it isn’t a crack pipe. Also? I still have a hard time figuring out which one is Emily and which one is Kenley. They look WAY too much alike. Someone (the innocent 30 something guy from Utah. Keith?) just mentioned the negative energy that is floating around. Like you can get women and gays together and not have a little backstabbing going on? Please. I wonder if he’s gay? Even if he is he probably can’t do anything about it with his family being very religious. Hey, maybe he’ll have a breakdown!!

Budget for shopping is $100. “Thank you Mood!”

OK, lets start draping the dress forms. Winner will have immunity. Tanboi can crack a joke, but he’s a freak. Straight guy just said Kenley’s fabric looks like a lawn chair cushion. LOL. So far I don’t understand the garments, which I suppose is why I’m not a designer?

I like Jerrell more and more. Kenley is bagging on Emilie’s dress. Kenley must rate in the final six this week because they are giving her a lot of attention. Stella of COURSE chose to be inspired by something leather. So now she is hammering away at her grommets and disturbing the other designers’ concentration.

If I had to guess right now who was in the final 3 good and 3 bad this week?
Keith, Kenley, Emily, Tanboi, Leanne, and Suede. Don’t know who is good and bad, but they are concentrating on these people.

Know what I hate? That stupid Mojito commercial they show every single week.
Back from break! Tim comes in for his consultation.

Jennifer, he thinks it is matronly.
Keith, This dress will have a shape?
Kenley, Tim likes the picture. Thinks it might be costumey
Terri, Tim does think she captured the picture. “But Oh My God.”
Leanne, Tim likes the skirt. A lot.
Emily, describes it as a black dress with an over sized corsage. He wants MORE!
(I wonder why we don’t see all the consultations?)

Day of the Runway Show
NOBODY is finished yet. Ha Ha Ha. Tim gets there while they are all still pinning and freaking out. Keith has to switch models. Like this is drama? So what? Aren’t they all a size 0 anyway? It appears to be a puffy whitish dress, how much re-fitting could there be?

Runway Time!! Guest judge is…. Sandra Bernhard. (Why?)

Keith: Puffy dress, frilly, looks random.
Blaine: black dress with neon scarves.
Joe: Black dress with corset. Looks like picture. Strong.
Emily: black dress with scarves
Leanne: very cool black skirt and black top.
Jennifer: navy and cream, dowdy.
Jerrell: Cool green dress with ruffles. Me likey.
Kelli: Weird black stripes, don’t get it.
Daniel: Shiny bronze-ish satin.
Kenley: Ummmm, looks more like a tattoo than a dress.
Suede: raincoat-esque silhouette. Pretty
Stella: Pants, laced in front. Silver vest. Meh.
Korto: Black jumpsuit. Cute.
Terri: Backless dress with pants. Cool looking.

Who they liked (with comments):
Kenley. Michael, “Cute”. Nina, “Good play on volume.”
Terri. Sandra, “sexy.” Michael, “the right style on right girl.” Heidi, “cool.”
Leanne. Sandra, “cool.” Michael, loves the idea of this dress being separates. Heidi “would wear it in a heartbeat.”

Who they hated (with more comments):
Keith. Michael, “Looks like toilet paper in a wind storm.” Sandra, “Can’t see her body.” Heidi, “not good.”
Emily. Sandra “didn’t like the ruffles”, Nina “it’s a Carmen Miranda moment.” Michael, “explosion of ruffle is placed badly.”
Jennifer. Michael, doesn’t like her style. Heidi, “matronly.” Nina, thinks it is “OK but boring.” Sandra, “not nicely executed.”

Winner: Kenley. (I still think her dress looked like a life-sized tattoo made out of fabric.)

Leanne would have been my vote.

Auffed: Emily. (Did she pick a knock-kneed model on purpose?)

See, I would have auffed Jennifer. Shows how much they know. At least I won’t have a hard time telling who is who anymore between the two raven haired girls with bangs!

Only 5 or 6 more weeks until the snark gets better because there aren’t so darn many designers to follow. I LOVE when they get in to more of the sh*t!
Until next week, savor the drama!!

all photos from Project Runway auction site. You can see the other designer's work there.


Martha said...

Chang Gang concurs with Dodi's assessment. Leanne: most improved. Jennifer needs to go bye bye because she's boring in her design AND in her screen time.

Thing One likes Suede. Oh puhlease don't start talking in 3rd person.

Until next week..
(yeah, we can't tell them apart either...)

Dodi said...

Thing One thinks Thing One is a PR fan!!

Paul Pincus said...

Suede is clearly an idiot.

i agree with you regarding leanne.

keith is gay. the dress was awful. that said, he needs to get laid. he's too bloody angry.

terrific weblog. cheers!