Thursday, July 17, 2008

My favorite reality TV show is back!!!

You may have felt the shift in the universe last night at 7pm MST? That’s because the new season of Project Runway started last night and since it’s my favorite show I’m going to blog about it this season. (Even my kids like this show – I have to get a season pass on Tivo so they can catch up the next day! How “squee” is that??) I’m actually going to write these updates in real time, as the show happens… we’ll see how that works.

OK, so this is the first episode and we get to meet all the new designers as they get to their pads at the New Gotham Apartments. Here are my first impressions:

Jerrell. Fun, young, semi professional designer. Name drops, so probably not as successful as he’d like us to believe.
Blaine. From Seattle. Already my least favorite character and he’s only the second one to show up. Thinks everything is “girlicious”. Dude? “Girlicious” is NOT the new “Fierce”.
Joe. He’s straight. He’ll make it halfway through.
Stella. Tough rocker chick, designs with leather. Looks like a meth head. Not impressed.
Jennifer. Lives in Italy. Looks like a librarian, has bad glasses. Will be surprised if she is any good – but I like her. She seems nice. Maybe too nice?
Kelli. From Ohio. Is Ohio big design capital?
Terri. No first impression… seems OK.
Jerry. Professional designer, self important. Wonder if he can bring it?
Suede. From NYC, has done denim designs for other designers. Refers to self in 3rd person. Want him gone like now.
Keith. Is a self taught designer. Usually those people can’t sew very well.
Korto. From Arkansas. (Design mecca in mid-west somewhere I’m not familiar with?) Seems pretty cool.
Kenley. This girl looks like a retro glam version of Selma Blaire. Probably has a pink porcelain bathroom at home.
Leanne. From Portland. No impression
Emily. Is she naïve, or just strange?
Daniel. Maybe quirky, something there.
Wesley. Has worked for Marc Jacobs. This guy is really geeky.

We’ve met the designers, so now its up to the roof for champagne with Heidi and Tim. Tim remarks that they are the most diverse group of designers ever. (Does this mean they are all weird?)

The first challenge is actually a repeat of the grocery store challenge from season one. Hmmm, running out of ideas? Each designer has $75 and 30 minutes in store to find materials. They will have until midnight that night to complete the challenge.
Jerry is going to make a raincoat out of a shower curtain. Sounds cute. Someone has already mocked Tim Gunn with a “make it work”. Turns out Blaine is even more annoying that my first impression of him… I hate him and want him to go home today. He is REALLY impressed with himself – and the louder they talk about how great they are the higher the chance that their work will suck. Lots of people seem to be grabbing plastic or paper tablecloths to use. Good idea, unless EVERYONE is doing it – then the judges will be annoyed at lack of ingenuity.

Back at the studio Daniel is making a dress out of blue plastic cups. Pretty cool, he is cutting them up and then melting them with an iron so he can shape them around a muslin dress he has pinned to his mannequin. Clever! Kelli is doing ugly/pretty arts and crafts paper dress. I hope she’s not going to be this season’s resident weird artist. Suede? Is really not creative, and is one of the plastic tablecloth people. Ha ha ha ha! Still referring to himself in the third person. Obviously mentally unstable. Korto has a big old yellow drapey garment going on. Ugly so far. Keith is another table cloth dress, as is Jennifer – so Jennifer is covering hers with candy. Could be genius, could be disaster. OK, Stella? IS A DISASTER. She wanted to make some “rocker” pants out of shiny black garbage bags, but got the wrong kind of garbage bags and has NOTHING done by the end of the evening. Sometimes people win when they don’t have any good ideas and then throw something together at literally the very last minute. I sincerely hope this does not happen. Jerry’s potentially cute raincoat? So ugly. It should have been the best one out there… such a good idea gone so wrong. (And he’s the professional in the group.)

Every season the designers get even better. Will this season disappoint? My top 6 so far are:
Auf’d: Jerry. The raincoat was just strange.

Should have been Stella who was auf'd, her garbage bag dress was truly bad. Can you believe this piece of crap didn't lose?

Winner is: Kelli! They liked the artsy-craftsy attention to detail. It did turn out better than I thought it would.

Oh, and this was what that stupid Blaine made. How many different words are there for ugly? Doesn't it look like she's wearing a diaper?

all pictures from the Bravo Project Runway site.


Amy said...

i was watching until Jay tackled me for the remote.
he HATES project runway, or maybe he was just sick of it because i watched the season four marathon from start to finish and i was just as happy when Christopher won as the first time i watched it... i got to the part on the roof before he won and i stormed to my room to mope....
that suede tipped Jay over the edge, and what and what is jay's opinion of quality tv?

....southpark.... super.

Martha said...

Ok, so now I have to watch this, just so I won't be clueless when you update your blog!

Dodi said...

It's my plan to trap you all in my web of reality tv!!!