Thursday, July 24, 2008

PR recap, episode 2

This week’s challenge is making a cocktail dress for their models. Sounds easy enough, but I suppose Blaine (from now on referred to as TanBoi, which I saw on MamaPop and just loved) will be in trouble because the dress is also supposed to be pretty. Oh, and the models are doing the shopping. Think they will remember to buy things like thread? They will be buying “green” fabrics, which at first confused me because I kept thinking “You know? Green just isn’t a good color on everyone.”… but they meant that they would be using Eco Fabrics. Oh….duh.

Kenley is stressed out over the fabrics picturing trying to make a cocktail dress out of hemp or something. Wesley is whining over his models choices, unfortunately I think Suede likes what his model picked out. Please let me mention again that Stella is so ugly! What a shock that she has “no strategy” and “this is not what I do.” Seems to be her mantra so far.

(Oops, Project Runway is tivo-ing over Ghost Hunters downstairs. Darling Husband is NOT happy. Super.)

People? How hard is a cocktail dress? These people are seriously making some strange looking dresses – and not many would be appropriate for cocktails at the DCC. Right?

Suede is still referring to himself in the 3rd person which means he needs to go home or start therapy now because he's making my brain hurt, and 3 of the designers have the same brown satin fabric. Eco Satin. That should pucker nicely!

Tim Gunn is cracking me up – he thought a designers dress was inside out when it wasn’t. He referred to it as a “hot mess”. Ha Ha Ha.

Tanboi is all “licious” this and “licious” that. He’s making me Bitterlicious, I can tell you that.
No! Daniel is NOT going to finish. Bummer, because I want three of them to go home before him (Stella, TanBoi, and Suede). Plus, I like Daniel.
Wesley's dress is all puckered and hideous and will most likely get him auffed.
OK, time for the judging. Natalie Portman is the guest judge. (Squee, LOVE her!) Here is my take on the dresses as they come down the runway:

Keith: cute, bouncy on the bottom.
Terri: blue, pretty, classy
Wesley: No….no….NO!
Jerrell: Sexy and young? Nope. It’s just OK.
Jennifer: not a good dress. Floaty.
Daniel: little black dress. Finally! And its finished!
Joe: pretty brown dress. Nothing over the top.
Suede: Crap! I like the dress. Hate to say it. Suede may win.
Kenley: Couture. Very couture.
Kelli: a pretty dress.
Leanne: Uh, well…. ummmm, what is it?
Stella: I’m not a fan of asymmetrical. I don’t like it.
TanBoi: Hot pink and black together will never be anything but ugly.
Emily: WAY too short. Cute top though.
Korto: really does look inside out.

So, Keith, Terri, Jerrell, Jennifer, Daniel, Joe, Kelli, Blaine and Emily are all safe this week.

The three best are Kenley, Stella, and Suede. (Stella? Sheesh.)

Kenley’s frock: Nina likes the collar. Natalie likes it, Michael thinks it’s chic.

Stella’s frock: Michael likes the lacing, Natalie thinks the fit is good. Nina gives her a “much improved.”

Suede’s frock: Natalie would wear it, thinks it is sweet and flirty. Nina likes it very much; Michael said he likes that Suede made the satin work.

The 3 worst are Wesley, Korto, and LeeAnn.

Wesley’s frock: Natalie likes bow tie, Heidi gives low score. Michael thinks it is crazy short. Nina said shiny, tight and short is the quickest way to look cheap. (ouch.)

Korto: Natalie thinks dress looks inside out. Nina said hem is off balance, and Michael said that curvy girls don’t want fins off their butt. (I have to agree this point.)

Leanne: Natalie said it looks like peter pan. Michael can find nothing nice to say. Nina said it’s all over the place.

I think either Wesley or Leanne is going home. And that Suede will win. (as much as that kills me) Lets see!!

Winner: Suede. I still hate him, but now he’s back for two more weeks because of immunity. Lovely.

Auffed: Wesley is OUT bitches! He had no personality anyway.

You know, there are still WAY too many people on this show. This week I have no favorites. I find I cannot really get in to the snark until we're down to at about 6 or 7 people. Until then? Simple mocking must suffice.
all photos above from Project Runway Auction site.


David Dust said...

I hate Suede also. But luckily he DOESN'T have immunity next week - his winning dress will be sold on INSTEAD of immunity. So there is hope...

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Martha said...

Too funny...Thing Two wanted "the peter pan" lady's dress to fly off. Thing One likes Suede (Go figure).

And they are both pouting 'cuz this show doesn't come on again until next week.

Thanks Dodi, at least we've got family viewing going on (having never watched PR until you decided to dedicate your blog to it each week...I figured I needed to watch it so I'd know if you were dishing good snark or not! :) )

Dodi said...

David Dust, hey, thanks for stopping by! I was going to add a correction about the immunity thing, now I don't have to! Dodi is SO GLAD Suede isn't immune!

Martha - so glad I could help. My girls love this show also. Hows my snark? Don't you hate stella?