Monday, January 19, 2009

2008: My version of a recap (of course it's late... have you learned nothing about me yet?)

In 2008 I blogged 179 entries. That is, almost, 15 blogs per month. Some months were lighter in the blogging arena, some much heavier. Blogging picked up during the months including Project Runway... and I have decided that if I ever recap for a reality show again it will have it's own blog space. I think it was a little distracting for those who didn't follow the show. But, I was only 4 blog entries away from an 'every other day' average. Wild, right? Didn't seem like I really had that much to say. Maybe I didn't... but if I was a major league batter with these kind of stats I'd be making the big bucks.

In 2008 my mom died. I miss her every day, and what people told me is very true. It doesn't hurt any less now - but it does hurt less often. I love her, I miss her, I find comfort in knowing I'll see her again someday.

In 2008 I read 22 books, which is far less than my normal - as for months after mom died I couldn't concentrate enough to read an entire book. Between my sadness about mom and my hormone crash from our miscarriage I'd pick them up, read a chapter, and not be interested.

In 2008 my dog, Bo, was diagnosed with cancer twice. Once was a mistake, and the second time was all too real. He seems to be responding to the treatment we have chosen, and we have high hopes that he will be with us throughout the entire 2009.

In 2008 my girls both had their first Disney adventures. They both describe them as "the best day of their life." I feel very fortunate that my kids have as much "wonderfulness" in their lives as they do.

In 2008 I was reminded by the Universe that even if I can't have all that I want, I have an excellent life. I give thanks for my husband, my children, my siblings, my dad, my mom, my in-laws, our pets, the teachers who guide my kids daily towards good decisions, our home, our neighbors (life sans Kravitz is unimaginable), our wonderful friends, our neighborhood pool (which saved my sanity this last summer), my husband's job, my having been able to spend 9 years home so far with our kids, the Assistant DA (who showed mercy towards me during that whole drivers licence fiasco), the former neighbors behind us who looked out their windows at just the right moment and spotted our fence on fire, our Government - who provided my mother with a beautiful final resting place... the list could go on forever. I have a whole lot to be grateful for!

Adios 2008. I, for the most part, didn't love you. But I do appreciate the things you taught me.


ganelle said...

I'm with you - didn't so much love '08. Great post though.

What's this about a miscarriage? It's the first I've heard. Everything OK???

Sitting in Silence said...

Great post Dodi...I should have thought of a re-cap before I did this years list of resolutions...x

Colleen O said...

I didn't know about the miscarriage either. It used to be when I said that word my eye would start twitching - not joking. Very lovely recap!

Dodi said...

Ahhhh, the failed vasectomy story? It wasn't the "miscarriage" that was emotional - as it was what they call a blighted ovum so no baby ever developed - but the hormone crash afterwards, the surgery to remove an ovarian cyst, and the fact that hubby got one past the gate. Then mom got very sick... and I wasn't prepared for any of it.